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Step In The Right Direction with Anna Kennedy

A unique dance and exercise DVD for children and young people with autism

Watch Trailer Produced in association with the world famous Pineapple Performing Arts School in London and the students of Hillingdon Manor School, “STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION” demonstrates that making progress for those affected by autism through dance is achievable. Every child is different but experts agree that early intervention helps with development and dance aids children with autism. Dance and exercise can also help them connect more with others.

Julian Reader - MPS International

“A truly wonderful and highly imaginative dance production. A must-have DVD for parents, carers, mainstream and special schools, after school and youth clubs”

Debbie Moore Iconic founder, Pineapple Dance Studios

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…Anna Kennedy Founder of Hillingdon Manor School. Driving force behind creating the largest facility for educating and supporting people of all ages with autism throughout Europe.
Debbie Moore Simply the best. Iconic founder of Pineapple Dance Studios.
James Hobley Special guest “Britain’s Got Talent” finalist
Maggie Paterson Dynamic principal of Pineapple Performing Arts School and senior teacher for 30 years at Pineapple Dance Studios.
Jade Flannagan Poppin’ Lockin’ Tuttin’ & breakdance genius. Senior dance teacher at Pineapple Performing Arts School.
Andrew Stone Star of Sky 1 Pineapple Dance Studios with over 30 years experience in dance, music, theatre & television.


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Step In The Right Direction