Autism Voices Film Project – a video that must be watched

Autism Voices Film Project – a video that must be watched

This video gives a great insight into the difficulties autistic children endure within the classroom. An understanding on how students feel and great tips from the students on how to improve their learning experience.

It was lovely to see Teddy one of our Autism’s got Talent performers who will also be joining us on our Roadshow in New Brighton in November.

This is an informative video that should be shared within schools across the country.

Highlights Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2018 – St Ives, Cornwall

Highlights Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2018 – St Ives, Cornwall

Highlights of Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2018 – St Ives, Cornwall.


These extraordinary highlights have been created by our very talented charity Patron Ryan Wiggins. 
Please watch, enjoy and share.


Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2018 – St Ives, Cornwall

Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2018 – St Ives, Cornwall

Once again Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow has blown peoples minds with our performers talent.

The roadshow was held in the beautiful St Ives Theatre and supported by Phillip Barnet, the fabulous KidzRus performers and Mayor of St Ives.

Anna Kennedy OBE founder of Autism’s Got Talent shares “I was so happy to be working alongside my Peoples Strictly pal Phil.

We had been talking about organising something together since dancing on the BBC’s Comic Relief Strictly three years ago and we were so excited that it finally happened on Saturday and what a show it was!”

The Roadshow consisted of thirteen talented performers singers, dancers, percussionists, gymnasts that showcased their talent to an audience that were blown away gave standing ovations. The performers travelled across the country and they all come from all walks of life and differing backgrounds, they have formed the most genuine and amazing friendships that will continue after the show.

Phill Wills Ambassador for AnnaKennedyonline was proud to have shown an emotional film of his autistic son’s Josh’s adventures since coming home after being in hospital in Birmingham for three years due to lack of services in Truro.

Maggie Paterson Principal of Pineapple Performing Arts supported the charity presenting some of the performers who also have won scholarships through our charity, at the world class Pineapple Dance Studios.

Anna also shared “I love how all our performers step it up one million percent from the technical rehearsals during the day and then go on stage and give the most amazing performance and WOW the audience.The confidence boost, acceptance and joy on their face walking off stage is the icing on the cake for me and so wonderful to see.”

A local photographer from St Ives shared on social media “We lapse into hyperbole all the time, me more than most, but I have just returned from a phenomenal evening at the St Ives Theatre as two of the stars of the People’s Strictly, the incredible Anna Kennedy and Philip Barnett organised and hosted Autism’s Got Talent. It was a fantastic show with 15 stunning acts. From a truly humbling night that all privileged to witness will never forget, every performer will feature in a video I will soon make. Some of the footage may not be very good but it’s hard to film with tears in your eyes. I know I will not be able to produce something truly worthy of Anna, her team and of course the performers but that’s OK because I can’t see how anyone could.”

Anna and her team a off to the Wirral in November for their next Autism’s got Talent Roadshow working with Autism Together. Click here for more information.

Summer Fun Day – 22nd August 2018

Summer Fun Day – 22nd August 2018

In collaboration with the HD Carers Support Group – join us for Summer Fun Day being held on 22nd August, between 10am and 2pm at Oak Wood School  Sutton Court Road Hillingdon UB10 0EX

This is a Fun Day Open To All Children & Adults With A Disability Or Special Needs, their family, friends and carers !

Bouncy Castles, Sensory Zones, FREE Sports activities , Food Stalls, Stalls, Refreshments, Activities and more – fun for everyone!!


Under 3’s and adults free

Government Finally Taking the Exclusion of Children with SEN/ Disability Seriously (Possibly!)

Government Finally Taking the Exclusion of Children with SEN/ Disability Seriously (Possibly!)

Government Finally Taking the Exclusion of Children with SEN/ Disability Seriously (Possibly!)

Keen consumers of education articles will likely have noticed that there has been criticism of schools/ post 16 provisions that exclude children and young persons who have special educational needs and/or a disability (‘SEN/SEND’).

When we refer to exclusions these can range from official to factor exclusions. Typically – though not exclusively – such schools are mainstream schools.

The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education is reported to be very dissatisfied with this state of affairs (click here).

He is concerned about ‘off-rolling’ or getting children with SEN/SEND off the school roll, the motivation being that such children/ young people risk jeopardising the institution’s much vaunted position in ‘league tables’ – seemingly the gold standard of excellence in education. Damien Hinds is very clear that this is wrong.

Last year Sean Harford, Ofsted’s director of education instructed inspectors to be mindful of this tendency though, however well meaning, Mr Harford’s efforts don’t seem to have resulted in any material change. 

The Department of Education are also concerned about the purging of children and young persons from mainstream provisions and how this tendency is incentivised by reported measures.

In future we will post articles on the law and exclusion and inclusion. Suffice to say that the (possible) ability to exclude a child/ young person for behaviour that is construed as a tendency to physical abuse hence removing the protections afforded to a disabled person under the Equality Act 2010 remains a challenge.

In our opinion, to obviate this difficulty will likely require a change in the relevant statutory framework.

Given off-rolling is trending, parents and others with an interest may wish to share their views with their MP. 

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12th July 2018

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