Our BabyBoy charity single will be the #UKCharityWeek soundtrack

Our BabyBoy charity single will be the #UKCharityWeek soundtrack

Our Charity single is set to become the soundtrack of Charity Today’s national charity campaign #UKCharityWeek. The single was a reproduced version of the 2003 hit-single Baby Boy produced by J-Rock from MOBO award-winning R&B and hip-hop group Big Brovaz. Lee Rayment, the founder of #UKCharityWeek, said: “I was about to start contacting prospective producers and quite literally the same day Anna got in touch about promoting the single! I’m a big fan of Anna’s charity, and a collaboration seemed the natural thing to do. J-Rock and the singers have done a fantastic job!”

Father of 5 J-Rock was put in touch with Anna Kennedy OBE founder of autism charity Anna Kennedy Online when one of his sons got diagnosed with autism. Anna, a patron of #UKCharityWeek, is a campaigner for autism and set up schools and colleges all over the country for autistic children and adults when there were once no provisions provided.

Speaking to Charity Today, Anna said: “When Lee approached us about it, it was a no-brainer!” We are delighted that the song will play such a pivotal role throughout #UKCharityWeek.”

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#UKCharityWeek is designed to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda at a time of the year when people are statistically at their most giving. #UKCharityWeek is always held within the first full week of December, which in the case of 2018 is 3rd-9th December. Charities can become Official Partners of the campaign by registering here: https://www.charitytoday.co.uk/charity-partner-registration

Performed by J-Rock, and the AKO (Anna Kennedy Online) Autism songwriters group ‘Building Bridges’ – Kieron, Scott, Bradley, Calvin, Ryan, Erika and Marie. Produced by Darren Martyn (DM unsigned) and filmed by Mark Potter.

Anna Kennedy Online is supporting Siena Castelon with Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Anna Kennedy Online is supporting Siena Castelon with Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Anna Kennedy Online is supporting one of our past Autism Hero Awards winners Siena Castelon with Neurodiversity Celebration Week!
Please click here to participate and take this very important pledge

My name is Siena Castellon. I am a sixteen year old nationally recognised autism and neurodiversity advocate. I am autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and have ADHD. When I was thirteen, I created a website -www.qlmentoring.com – to support young people with learning differences and autistic young people.

When searching for information about my conditions, I found that all the existing websites were focused on providing information and resources for parents. So I decided to create a website designed for young people like me. 

My multi-award winning website aims to empower neurodiverse youth by providing practical information and useful resources to help them to succeed in school.

As a student with several learning differences, I know that there is still a stigma associated with having special educational needs and that there are still many misconceptions about what it means to have a learning difference. 

I want to change this. I want to flip the narrative so that instead of perceiving learning differences as something negative, we focus on the many strengths and advantages that come from seeing and perceiving the world differently.

​Many neurodiverse adults look back on their school experience in a negative light.

Many spent much of their time at school feeling embarrassed and humiliated, because they could not read and spell as well as their classmates. 

By acknowledging and celebrating the strengths of neurodiverse students, we can not only begin to change the way students with special needs are perceived and treated at school, but also change the way neurodiverse students feel about themselves.

My wish is that all students have happy, positive and fulfilling school experiences, especially students who are autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and students with ADHD.

​Please help me to change the way neurodiverse students are perceived by pledging to support your neurodiverse students.

To take this pledge click here.

According to the Department of Education, 15% of students in the United Kingdom have a learning difference. I am one of those students. I know what it feels like to have your classmates assume you are not smart, because you cannot spell and because you struggle to read. I know what it feels like to be frustrated, embarrassed and humiliated at school.

Like me, many neurodiverse students have negative school experiences. At school, we are required to do things we find incredibly challenging and we are constantly reminded of what we can’t do. This can be very discouraging and demoralising.

It is time to change the way schools, teachers and other students perceive us.

Schools should stop focusing on what we cannot do and should begin to acknowledge and celebrate the many positive aspects of being neurodiverse.

It is important for schools to recognise our many strengths: our creativity, innovation, ability to think outside-the-box, problem-solving skills, unique insights and perspectives, perseverance and resilience.

We are the dreamers. The pioneers. The change-makers. The future business leaders. We are the trailblazers. The adventurers. The discoverers. We are the Einsteins and Bransons of tomorrow.

Yet, our ability to fulfil our potential is being threatened by the stigma associated with having a special educational need and the misconceptions many people still have about people with learning differences.  We are also more vulnerable to being mistreated. In a 2017 bullying report by Ditch the Label, 75% of autistic students and 70% of students with learning differences reported being bullied at school.

It is time to create a more positive perception about what it means to be neurodiverse. In order to change entrenched perceptions of autism and learning differences and in order to reduce the stigma, myths and misconceptions associated with having these conditions, we need your help.

Please support your students with learning differences by pledging to take part in the first ever Neurodiversity Celebration Week:  https://www.neurodiversity-celebration-week.com/.

Here are a list of the participating Schools: https://www.neurodiversity-celebration-week.com/list-of-participating-schools

Channel 5 News interview Anna Kennedy and Cal Ruddy about Autism’s Got Talent!

Channel 5 News interview Anna Kennedy and Cal Ruddy about Autism’s Got Talent!

Channel 5 news interviewed Anna Kennedy and Cal Ruddy by featuring on Autism’s Got Talent on 27 November 2018

Channel 5 quoted: ‘Autism’s Got Talent!’ Showcases the talents of adults and children with autism. Participants told us that autism is not something to be ashamed of – one described his Asperger’s as ‘like a superpower’.

The full Channel 5 news interview below:

The teaser clip below stormed across social media:

Jam Hair Salon supports us through Christmas and shopping event

Jam Hair Salon supports us through Christmas and shopping event

For the past few years, Jacqui Marola owner of award winning hair salon Jam Hair in Croydon organises both a Summer Soiree and an annual Christmas shopping and client appreciation event and each time all tickets are sold out.

The proceeds are donated to Anna Kennedy Online and this raises awareness within the community and promotes networking  which we really appreciate and has helped us in many ways.

We really appreciate our supporters, click here for more details of the wonderful people and groups that support us.

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