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We are fortunate to have a diverse and talented group of Young Patrons who help to raise Autism Awareness and are passionate to change the perceptions on Autism raising awareness and we cannot do this alone and that is why our incredible Young Patrons are so important and fantastic role models…

Find out more about our young patrons who are helping us spread the word who are passionate about helping with our mission…
OJ Bridges

OJ Bridges

​First of all I want to just say that I am so honoured to be a part of the patron team for Anna Kennedy Online it is such a great achievement and can now be a massive highlight to my life.

I feel so proud and will hold this young patron title with such pride and joy.

I’ve loved working with Anna at autism’s got talent and to now support the charity even further is beyond a dream, it is an amazing thing to happen!

I think what I can bring to AKO is that I can spread awareness of the charity through friend groups, social clubs, school and anywhere else I can really!

I think I can also bring a lot of motivation and empowerment as when I need to be there for people or need to speak about things. I am very passionate and motivational in what I say.

Josh Burgess

Josh Burgess

I’m amazed, I feel very proud to have been chosen to represent Anna Kennedy online.

I feel like its a great opportunity to give back to the charity that has helped and supported me, and my family.

I hope to give others like me that have autism along with other medical conditions, a voice and inspiration, that anything is possible no matter the challenges you face, if you have determination and the right support.

T’mya Bradshaw

T’mya Fyffe

T’mya shared that she feels so excited about being chosen to be one of the new young patrons for the charity and is looking forward to supporting Anna Kennedy Online to raise autism awareness and funding.

T’mya feels she can help change peoples view of autism and hopes to inspire other young people like herself to teach for their dreams.

Daisy Hutchinson

Daisy Hutchinson

Daisy shared: “I am over the moon in being chosen to be a patron for the Anna Kennedy charity.

Thank you so much for choosing me.

This will be a wonderful opportunity. I hope the charity benefits from my bubbly, enthusiastic and imaginative personality.

I will enjoy being part of this wonderful charity.

Logan Hull

Logan Hull

Thankyou so much I am flabbergasted to be chosen! I can’t wait to show people Autism can be a positive ability.

I’m looking forward to helping raise autism awareness

Callum Kirrage

Callum Kirrage

Callum shared: I am so happy and proud to be chosen to be a young patron for Anna Kennedy Online.

This charity has helped me a lot and given me lots of opportunities and helped me believe in myself more and and given me confidence, I want to help other people to understand that being different is ok and for people to stop judging and accept people for who they are and that you should not let people stop you from doing what you want to do!

Jack Azagury

Jack Azagury-Slattery

Jack’s Mum shared: Jack understands the importance of being kind to people and he can express a lot of empathy most of the times.

I told him that we were going to help your charity and help children and he gave me the biggest smile. He said “can I help the children with my drawings?” “I want to make them smile and make them happy”

Jack’s communication skills are good but limited, he can often engage well in a conversation but he does need guidance from us.

 Jack will often surprise us and can be very eloquent as well.

One thing we can say about Jack is that he is not shy, he loves talking to people, engaging with them with our help and during all the interviews he has done (radio or live), he has always managed to catch people’s attention, bring some humour and make people smile.

He is very honest and often people love that.

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