Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2019 is taking place on Saturday 29th June 2019 at Kidz R Us, Saint Ives TR26 1QG!!!

The names of the performers for AGT Roadshow are…drumroll….

Harvey Price

Macauley Elvin

Aston Avery

Charlotte Fieldson

Liam Burgess

Sophia Owens

Daniel Docherty

Alfie Horrill

Jono Blythe

Cal Ruddy

Lakhile Dlamini

Ollie Venning

Daniel Darbyshire

OJ Bridges

Supported by Kidz R Us performances
Autism's Got Talent

Stalls: Adult – £12.50 / Child – £9.50
Balcony: Adult – £14 / Child – £14

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A personal narrative from Phil Barnet

What a wonderful day I had at this year’s Autism’s Got Talent at The Mermaid Theatre, London!

I was blown away by all the talent and to see how each participant progressed throughout the day, culminating in so many amazing performances to a rapt and appreciative audience. 

The team at AKO are second to none and each played their part  wonderfully to ensure the day went smoothly and apparently (!!) without a hitch. 

One of the things that affected me most was seeing all the parents strive to do their very best to ensure that their child had a fantastic time. 

It completely changed my attitude to everyday things in my own life – little things that happen and we moan about them seem so insignificant when compared to the challenges that many families living with autism face on a daily basis. 

You don’t realise how wonderful you all are and I just want to say a huge thank you from an onlooker who is learning more and more about autism every day. 

My day began at 10 am, meeting the team at The Mermaid Theatre and getting to know all the participants and their families. 

Finding out how far many had travelled to take part was an eye opener and made me realise just how important this event is. 

Rehearsals were calm and supportive, mainly due to the prior organisation and thought given to the needs of the performers.  I loved watching all the different acts and adding my comments and support to them was really rewarding. 

When the performance began it was obvious that the sell out audience were eager to support each and every participant and to hear about their different needs and challenges. 

It was my pleasure to share the stage with Maggie Paterson from PPA and Anna Kennedy, together with a host of other celebrities including Harvey and Katie Price.  The audience leapt to their feet numerous times during the evening and the joy on the performers’ faces was evident for all to see.  It was especially lovely to meet and get to know Steven Smith who was particularly kind to me and I continue to admire the work he does. 

Having the chance to experience first hand the change in the performers’ confidence and the joy they showed when being applauded and having their talents recognised by all present was humbling and life affirming. 

Thank you to each and every one of the people that make events like this happen, I can’t wait to welcome everyone to the AGT Roadshow on Saturday 29th June in St Ives.  I know we are in for yet another day of achievement, amazement and affirmation and I have already ordered a large quantity of tissues.

Phil Barnett
Chairman of Trustees
Kidz R Us

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