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All it takes is One Kind Word
An article Ben Pearson our charity Ambassador for Anti Bullying week 

The CEO of Bigclothing4u and also an Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online has an important message about the Give Us a Break campaign.

Ben says: “It’s important for us all to look out for one another because you never know what someone else is going through. We all have our own battles big or small that we are fighting. One Kind Word goes a long way to a friend or stranger. It really is powerful enough to make the difference between someone having a good or a bad day. I think it’s amazing that we all have the power to change someone’s day for the better. Why be hateful when you can be kind?”

Ben’s article:

Anti-Bullying Week is back to remind us how we can make the world a brighter place for one another. Last year, Anti-Bullying Week trended as No.1 on Twitter with schools up and down the country spreading awareness to the effects of bullying. Putting a stop to bullying was at the forefront of everyone’s mind and we hope there will be an even bigger buzz this year. 

With 1 in 5 children in the UK experiencing bullying, Team BC4U is proud to be teaming up with Anna Kennedy Online for their amazing Give us a Break campaign. This campaign highlights how children and young people who are diagnosed with Autism can experience bullying at a higher rate than their peers.

The most crucial time this happens is during social breaks and lunch times while at school or college, which can already be a difficult time to navigate for the young people that might struggle with social interactions.

It’s no secret that Autism Awareness is something we strongly support and it goes without saying that we want to stamp out hatred and prejudice wherever possible. That’s why we wanted to get involved with the great work that Anna Kennedy Online achieves and join them in spreading awareness of the negative effects of bullying. On top of all of that, Team BC4U and our good friends at AKO want to make the world a kinder and brighter place for everyone.

This year’s Anti-Bullying theme is a wonderful message of “One Kind Word” with the aim to remind us that kindness creates kindness and all it takes is just one kind word. This theme hopes to change the course of the conversations we have, creating positive communication with the people around us and naturally making it harder for bullying to occur in the first place.

The great thing about this theme is just how easy it is to take part in. We urge you to try it out with friends, family or colleagues. Tell someone that you like their shoes or hair, or thank them for their hard work. Offer to make them a nice cup of tea or simply ask “How are you?” Watch as you instantly create a positive environment where more kindness grows.

There’s other ways you can take part in this year’s campaign by showing support on social media to get the message out there and recruit more people on our quest for kindness. You can always check the official anti-bullying alliance for some more tips on how you can get stuck in and say no to bullying.

Don’t forget that Anna Kennedy Online has some amazing t-shirts with designs that will brighten anyone’s day. Wear yours with pride knowing you’ve supported a fantastic cause and helped a charity be able to continue on with their hard and much needed work. Click here to purchase yours.

You can also show your support of Harvey’s Law with the Uptheir x Harvey’s Law collection, a law that is hoping to prosecute online trolls and bullies. Click here for details.

So put Anti-Bullying Week in your calendar, from Monday 15th of November to Friday 19th and join us in spreading kindness and acceptance to everyone around us.

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