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Our guest on “All things Autism” Radio was Claris Mbeng

Anna Kennedy’s guest on ‘All things Autism’ at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday is Claris Mbeng Founder of Can Abilities and mother to a young man on the autistic spectrum. Please click here to listen to these amazing shows!

Claris Angafor Aka AC Mbeng is an Award-winning Inspirational Speaker, Author, Autism Ambassador/Advocate, Philanthropist and Talk Show Host.

Her advocacy journey is a product of her experiences. Among her three children – two boys and a girl, life still found her worthy of parenting a child with unique abilities. Because her elder son is autistic, she found pleasure in understanding everything about autism from personal experience and studying a postgraduate in autism and Asperger’s.

With all these experiences over the years, she has been using the knowledge and skills gained to teach and support other parents of autistic/special needs children to be able to not only conquer the fears that come with parenting special needs children but to be able to thrive inspire of the challenges

In her role as an autism Ambassador and given the invisible nature of the condition, she also educates the society on autism awareness and Acceptance thereby encouraging love, understanding, acceptance and inclusion for all affected by autism and other forms of disability.

She believes so much in treating each individual as a unique personality and breaking all barriers and stereotypes surrounding persons living with autism.

This, she does through her charity, CAN Abilities Foundation, click here for more details.

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NewsOur guest on “All things Autism” Radio was Claris Mbeng