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An article by our young Patron – Callum 

I am Callum I am fifteen and I am a young patron for Anna Kennedy Online.

I love dance so much and this week I was asked to be a guest performer at a school dance competition that I used to compete in when I was in primary school.
It was in a big theatre, and I felt strange that they would want me to be the guest performer and remembered me from competing which was years ago!

During the comp I helped out at the back with my old school dance teacher and helped entertain the kids my sister was one of them, one of the little kids said I was the best dancer she had ever seen lol I also made my old school dancer teacher cry when I danced.

When I went on stage my music wouldn’t play so I was stood there for ages which gets me a bit stressed as I didn’t know what was going to happen. I like to know what is happening and felt silly just standing there.

Finally, a lady came to talk to me about when I started dancing and asked me to give a message to people I do not really like talking but i told them to never stop any disability stop you doing what you love and believe in yourself!

At last, my music worked. I loved performing on the stage I’m always happy when I’m dancing and don’t really get nervous, I shocked everyone when I pulled out all my tricks and people actually stood up when I finished dancing which was cool, people thought I choreographed the whole thing, but I just know my music and freestyle what I feel at the time

I love being able to show people what I can do and that having autism and ADHD should never stop you doing what you love.

It felt good to be back doing a solo on stage which I have not done for ages when I am dancing is when I am happy!

An article by our young Patron - Callum

Heidi (Callum’s Mum) shared:

“Watching Callum on that stage made me burst with pride, I was worried how he would handle all the technical problems, but he handled it like a true professional.
Seeing him as a guest performer at a competition he has competed in made me quite emotional. He has had a lot of struggles and tough times recently but watching him so happy and alive when he is dancing means everything to me, Autism ADHD and anxiety is tough, but he does not let it hold him back”.

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NewsAn article by our young Patron – Callum