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Our amazing supporter and AGT performer Angus Baskerville has a “Magically Memorable” Interview

Angus Baskerville had had a recent interview on “Magically Memorable “,  Angus is passionate about magic as a communication tool and he has performed at Autism’s Got Talent at London’s Mermaid Theatre 2016 and 2017. He is also an autism advocate for Anna Kennedy Online.

Angus Baskerville shared on the interview:

“AKO (Anna Kennedy Online) is important to me because it has helped kick start my magic career in many ways. Ever since I took part in Autism’s Got Talent in 2016, not only have I massively grown in confidence, but it has led to numerous bookings and opportunities since. I even made my TV debut through AKO and have entertained various actors and celebrities at functions, including the first annual Autism Hero Awards dinner in 2017. Being on the autism spectrum myself and having faced tough challenges through school, I have benefited from their support and want to support others to have the same chance to find their gifts.”

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NewsAngus Baskerville has a “Magically Memorable” Interview