Anna Kennedy has been offered a regular slot on Woman’s radio station. Women’s Radio Station is all about diversity, from opinions, career, ethnicity, education but more importantly entertainment we aim to show the individuality of every woman, everywhere. Providing opportunities and a platform for your voice,  irrespective of creed, colour, race, disability or religion.

Anna Kennedy OBE hosted her first live show ‘ All things Autism ‘ on Women’s Radio Station which will be aired every Tuesday from 1 pm until 2pm. Anna’s first guest speaker was Tally Nothey. Every week Anna will invite a guest speaker to her show.

Please watch Tally and Anna’s video and read below about Tally’s experience as Anna’s first guest on her live show and her . Anna Kennedy OBE will also will be on SKY TVs Chrissy B Show every month the only Mental Health and Well Being Show on TV.

Tally’s experience

It’s not often that you get asked to do an interview about all the things that you love and are passionate about. So to be asked by Anna Kennedy OBE to be her first guest on her women’s radio station live program ( it was a great honour.

It was so lovely to go down to the recording studios just off Covent Garden to do the show. I can’t believe how nervous I was. It was all fine until we sat down and put on our headphones, then I knew it was all real. But Anna has a lovely way of keeping you calm and engaged. In the end, we just didn’t have enough time to talk about all the things that we wanted to talk about, but we did manage to get in some of the most important things that we’re working on.

In particular, the AKO Autism Expo which will be held at Brunel University on the 23rd of March this year. We briefly spoke about the speakers which include Alessandra Bester, Joanna Gibbs, Paul Goodwin, Siena Castellon, Matty Street and Andrea Leighton.

We also have the very popular autism experience bus attending again this year.  Something not to be missed, I love talking to people before and after they try the bus, it’s quite a profound experience and for many life-changing. We both agreed that this is something that should be compulsory for parents/carers and everyone who works with people with any sort of sensory processing disorder including autism.

Tickets are £10 and available from our website

We were also very excited to briefly touch on our flagship event which is Autism’s Got Talent. We have had so many entries and it’s exciting to see how many people want to show the world how amazing they are. We are so proud of all the people that have ever entered or taken part in the event it’s a real tear jerker for us every year, but we are immensely proud.  I don’t envy Anna and Lisa the job of selecting acts for this year’s show.

I also managed to briefly talk about 2 other passions in my life and they are The Fragile X Society and Ollie and his superpowers.  

My 16-year-old son has a dual diagnosis of autism and fragile X.  Fragile x is one of the most commonly known disorders for learning disabilities. It’s a genetic disorder which can be identified via a blood test. I made the point of how important it is to get a diagnosis so that your child has the best start in life particularly with regards to learning styles and education. If you would like to learn more about the fragile X Society, please go to their website

Another most important aspect of my life is Ollie and his Super Powers. I have been totally blown away by its founder and creator Alison Knowles. I have learnt and laughed so much with Ali and her team.

Our aim is to get as many people trained to become Ollie coaches as possible so that we can provide early intervention to children within a school setting or a private practice with any mental health issues. We want to equip children with a toolkit of strategies to deal with everything that life throws at them take these skills with them throughout their lives into adulthood. We have had the most tremendous feedback from everyone that has either heard Ali speak or attended one of our training sessions in London and now also in Manchester. If you would like to learn more about the Ollie methodology or to learn how you too can become an Ollie Coach, please visit our website

Thank you again, Anna and The Women’s Radio Station for such a fabulous show talking about all things Autism – I’m definitely tuning in every week.