Anna Kennedy Online – Autism Awareness Charity

Anna meets Maya and Radica in Covent Garden. 

‘Yesterday I got to meet someone whose Autism advocacy has inspired me and really helped me as an Advocate.
Dr Anna Kennedy OBE, is the founder of the Anna Kennedy Online charity which advocates for and supports Autistic persons in the UK through various programmes, workshops, training, events and so on.
Her Autism Hero Awards inspired me to start the Autism Superhero Awards in Trinidad and Tobago. I had met with her via Zoom when we launched the awards two years ago ,so it was surreal to meet her in person. Anna’s genuine interest in what we are doing in T&T and her advice is heartwarming.
Even though I have a vision and I know what I want in T&T, everyone needs a little inspiration and she is certainly my inspiration! Thank you, Anna, for making the time to meet us.
Thank you for your warmth and encouragement.
Dr Radica Magase and Maya Nanan.
Trinidad and Tobago
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AnnaAnna meets Dr Radica Mahase from Trinidad and Tobago