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Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Helen Eaton

Annas guest at Women’s Radio was Helen Eaton ​
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Helen Eaton is the author of the Arna & Ruby Autism graphic novels, has a mini-series of podcasts on neurodiversity, and gives talks and training on autism to families, schools, charities, and workplaces.

She has a post graduate qualification in primary education, which helps her understand what’s going on in our schools.

Alongside her autism work she still delivers leadership training for some of UK’s leading technology, finance, and retail companies.

After running her own training business for the past 20 years and specialising in behaviour, communication, and emotional intelligence, it seemed a natural shift to focus on autism 5 years ago. 

Helen Eaton
Helen Eaton

Combining her two passions means that she is also a Neurodiversity at Work specialist, helping companies better understand and support their neurodiverse employees.

She does have an amazingly neurodiverse family and doesn’t think in a typical way herself.  She most definitely has lived experience when she talks about autism.

Within her home Helen has experienced the joys that autistic thinking brings and describes her 3 teenagers as funny, loving, kind, quirky and bright. She knows the challenges autism brings though, spending long hours and many years battling for an appropriate education and support for her diagnosed teen.

She also understands the anxiety, frustration, and anger that autistic children experience as they struggle to cope with a world that isn’t very autism friendly.

There are a few dents in her walls and doors!

She believes in honesty, openness, and positivity when it comes to talking about autism.

Working with schools has shown her that far too often they rely on out-dated lists of things that autistic people supposedly can’t do.

Instead, schools should focus on what each child can do and find ways to enable them to feel safe, communicate and be able to learn.

Each month she offers one free talk on Autism in the Classroom, along with a series of live training sessions on Zoom.

These can be booked online at

She can also be found on Twitter @HelenEatonASC and on Facebook Helen Eaton – Autism & Neurodiversity

Helen Eaton
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NewsAnna’s guest at Women’s Radio Station was Helen Eaton