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Announcing our new Ambassador – Tess and Kratu​

Tess Kratu and Polo first performed for Autism’s got Talent in 2019 at The Mermaid Theatre London where Kratu won the hearts of the audience.

Anna Kennedy OBE shares Kratu is a fully qualified assistance dog and Tess his owner and loving friend is on the Autistic Spectrum .

After his success at Crufts Tess also wanted to do more research into the guarding breeds he is crossed with as many come to the UK and are put back into rescue and sadly to sleep as there is not enough information about their specific breeds and their guarding traits.

Tess and Kratu

Tess shared: Kratu and I are delighted to be Ambassadors for Anna Kennedy Online

We hope to bring awareness for autism and assistance dogs.

To help the autistic community understand what is involved with the training, the options of how to train as an owner trainer like myself, or charities who can help with a dog who is trained by them.

Mental Health and Autism is something personal to me and something that needs to be understood.

You can be autistic and have mental health issues too. This is an area of great interest to me because of all I have experienced. Change is needed.

Anna has been an inspirational influence in our lives since we first met her online.

Getting to know her, performing at Autisms got Talent, being able to be heard, radio interviews, articles written, sharing that with others meant so much. She gave us the chance to have a voice, be seen, be validated and accepted.

To be Ambassadors for her charity is very special to us indeed. It is an honour. Thank you. Tess and Kratu.

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NewsAnnouncing our new Ambassador – Tess and Kratu