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Anti-Bullying Week – article three

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

CALM DOWN YOGA to regulate and release emotions, boost self-esteem and coping skills.

So often children and young adults are afraid to speak out about bullying. “Snitching “or being labelled as a Snitch can hugely exacerbate the bullying and make a child’s life hell.

However, it IS really important to talk to someone: friends, a family member, or a trusted adult. If you see or witness bullying, please do the same.

To turn a blind eye or even worse, stand and watch or record bullying on your phone as some kind of twisted entertainment makes you as bad, if not worse, than the bullies themselves.

I get a lot of children “talking” in other ways and yoga is a really effective way. Not only is the whole gut being massaged to zoom up all those delicious happy and coping neurotransmitters up to the brain, but it also opens up the diaphragm to help regulate our breathing. Victims who have endured prolonged bullying with often be mouth breathers or reverse breathers.

Yoga fills us with groundedness, strength, self-esteem, feelings of the ability to cope and function as well as physically boosting our physical health.

I often get the kids to name the poses, to empower them, and we put them into lots of stories and games. When a child helps “write” a yoga story, it is amazing just how many times that story will express just how they are feeling and what is going on. Not all communication is speech, but yoga games and stories really help the kids to process some of what they are experiencing in a safe, grounded way that they are in control of.

I have used methods like these as well story massage for years to great effect.

Look after and out for each other.

Stay safe and take care, Giuliana

Anti-Bullying Week - article three by Giuliana Wheater
Anti-Bullying Week - article three by Giuliana Wheater
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
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GUABAnti-Bullying Week – article three by Giuliana Wheater