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Anti-Bullying Week – Yoga For Autism, ADHD by Giuliana Wheater

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

I wrote a lot about anti bullying last week in the run up to anti bullying week.

Bullying happens everywhere regardless of background, economics, culture and even different abilities. It’s in schools and across the workplace too.


It’s hard enough to suffer the crippling effects of bullying but when you have a disability or different ability it can be even worse.

My best friend who autistic is still having painful corrective surgery to her jaw from when her bullies (all older males) badly beat her up 20 years ago.

My own son with high functioning autism was horrifically bullied throughout school and hospitalised at times because he was “different “.

I know personally of four young men who all took their lives in the last six months due to bullying.

When you are neurodiverse (or even neurotypical, it can be terrifying to come forwards and speak out. If you are nonverbal, it is almost impossible.

In this week’s article and YouTube video I share 4 simple techniques which are especially helpful if you are autistic, have ADHD or are neurodiverse.

They are easy, gentle and accessible to everyone regardless of disability, ability, different ability, mobility.

These poses really get to work on the gut – our second or “enteric” brain. This is the seat of meltdown, overwhelm, fear, worry and anxiety. It is where we “bottled up” or stuff down undigested trauma.

It is also where our body stores 90% of our serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness, confidence and SELF ESTEEM!! Sooooo needed in these times of pandemic mental health.

The gut or second brain also houses absolutely TONNES of the neurotransmitter Dopamine. This stimulates focus, attention, motivation, concentration, clear thinking and good judgment. It reheats the feeling of being on top of the world; able to cope with anything. It helps us keep functioning wherever life throws at us.

This second brain in the gut talks to the first brain, our cognitive brain, mainly through the largest nerve of the entire nervous system: the Vagus Nerve. The vagus nerve connects out first and second brains like a great big telephone wire, where they check in with each other every second of every day and night. These telephone chats can decide at any moment to put the body into flight, fight or freeze.

So, these 4 simple poses which I demonstrate in my video this week, are like a bunch of Open Reach engineers coming to clear your telephone wires and internet … keeping that gut-brain axis gorgeous and clear!!

Have fun with them too! Put them into lucky dips, treasure hunts, card or board games or even stories.

If the person is relaxed and even having a giggle, you’ve “met” them where THEY are, and their bodies will already be producing 16% more serotonin just from that alone!

Keep safe everyone and take care of each other.

And remember, if you see anyone being bullied, NEVER turn a blind eye.

Take care, Giuliana xx

Anti-Bullying Week - Yoga For Autism, ADHD by Giuliana Wheater
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
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Anti bullying CampaignAnti-Bullying Week – Yoga For Autism, ADHD by Giuliana Wheater