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Bullying affects so many children and adults and the results can be damaging for them and everyone around them. If you’re suffering, speak up – (you’ll be surprised how much people will want to help), and if you see it, stand up to it. Please share, even if this makes a difference to one person.

Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of ten, Ryan has been consistently bullied at school ever since he can remember, for being ‘different’.

Ryan’s moving DIY  short film, which has been viewed over 4000 times, was posted as part of National Anti-Bullying Week.

In the black and white footage the camera follows Ryan through a typical day, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, with his own voice providing the commentary and a moving insight into the trauma he faces on a daily basis.

‘He’s always been good at making friends, he just can’t seem to hold onto them, which makes him very sad.’

With few friends at school, Ryan turned his focus to supporting other young people with autism and concentrating on his love of drama and singing.

Last year he performed for Autism’s Got Talent and sung Someone Like You by Adele on the stage at London’s Mermaid Theatre.

 ‘It was an amazing experience’, he said. ‘ I felt really confident, even in front of all those people.’

An annual event, Autism’s Got Talent is organised by Anna Kennedy OBE. Named the Daily Mail’s Woman Of The Year in 2012, Anna helps raise awareness about the condition which has around 700,000 individuals affected here in the UK.

A lifelong developmental disability, autism impacts on how a person communicates with and relates to the world around them. A spectrum condition, it affects different people in different ways.

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