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‘Give us a Break ‘ Antibullying Campaign supported by Mikey Kay

Mikey Kay is a Welshman based in Paris, having spent the previous 6 years based out of New York City. I specialize in multi-media journalism and filmmaking, specifically across social impact stories as well as international conflict and risk-on zones. I worked across terrorism, national security & aviation for 20 years, as an assault helicopter pilot and strategic military planner in the British Military.

As a correspondent and filmmaker, I’ve covered in-depth stories on COVID_19, national security, refugees, medicine, mental health, politics, med-tech, conservation, aviation, religion, and energy, broadcast on the BBC, CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, National Geographic, History Channel, Travel Channel, Vogue and GE Healthcare.

Mikey’s brother Spencer is autistic and he created an amazing film documentary’ My Autistic Big Brother and Me. ‘ Testimonial by Piers Morgan. ‘My Autistic Big Brother & Me takes you on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows as it explores the raw and challenging side of autism in adults.

A brilliant and extremely personal documentary filmed over 4 years in the mountains of North Wales, that shines a light on the family and carers who make huge sacrifices to give a severely autistic man an unparalleled quality of life roaming the great outdoors, even to the detriment of their own.’

A big Thank you to Mikey who shares a supportive message for our charity Antibullying campaign ‘Give us a Break!’ taking time out for his good friend Anna whilst he is busy filming in Norway!

Please watch his amazing video below:

If you would like to spread the word of our Give Us A Break campaign please click here to download the poster print off and please take a photograph of yourself and email it to, so we can share your support by getting involved!

Click here to look at our campaigning from previous years.

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