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ANXIETY : MASSAGING YOUR TUMMY With 3 simple strokes


Does your child complain of frequent tummy aches ? Do you yourself get frequent stomach aches or even stomach migraines ?

Whilst they may not always be a bug or tummy upset, they are very real for the sufferer & often indicative of deep seated anxiety.

Neurodivergent children & young people are 2-6x more likely to pick up a mental health illness.

Anxiety is a very common co-morbidity for those on the autism spectrum.

However I’m seeing more & more of this in my work with neurotypical too as we try to tread water in this pandemic of mental health & so many of our young people teetering on the brink.

So this week I am sharing with you 3 very simple massage strokes on the stomach that you can do to yourself, on a friends & family basis or as part of your massage for others if you are a therapist.

The stomach is part of the gut & the gut is our second or enteric brain, sending information up to our first brain via the vagus nerve which connects the two.

It’s where we bottle up trauma, frustration & anything else we can’t “digest” & is the seat of anxiety, meltdown & overload.

These strokes, if used regularly can help as a proactive measure but are also very soothing if an anxiety or panic attack are building then and there.


Clockwise for 1-5 minutes with palm of your left hand



Small Circles/rotations with finger pads of both hands together



Stroking upwards with finger pads.



We live in such a fear based time where anxiety is sadly all too common.

So I really hope these very easy strokes will bring some comfort to you all.

Look after yourselves & each other,


Lots of love,


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AnnaANXIETY : MASSAGING YOUR TUMMY With 3 simple strokes