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A huge congratulations to our Art Competition winners !!!

The AKO art competition was open to three age categories under 12s under 18s and 18 and over who were formally diagnosed with an autistic spectrum condition  to share their experience of ‘Living in Lockdown’

Our three judges David Grant,Dr Pam Spurr and Chris Wild found this so tough to decide the winners and runners up from each age group.

Chris Wild shared “There is some amazing work. Really well done to all the artists” 

Dr Pam shared “It was one of the toughest (but totally wicked too!) jobs ever helping to judge the entries to the AKO art and photography comp over the weekend! Unbelievable talent, so excited for the winners”

The winners receive £50 Amazon voucher and runners up £15 Amazon vouchers sponsored by Talem Law.

Please see below for details of winners and runners up for each age category with descriptions for each amazing piece of artwork…

The Over 18’s 

The Winner
Ellie Taylor Burr 

The Winner Ellie Taylor Burr

“This represents the powerless feeling that I was watching everyone’s hopes for 2020 disappear. It also represents the importance of acknowledging what we are missing and of sharing the struggle together as a family”


The Over 18’s 

Runner up
Craig Johnson 

Craig Johnson - train
“This is a photo of my friend musician David Grant.
I captured him playing guitar wearing a face mask and placed him on an empty platform at East Finchley during lockdown where the plants and wildlife have found a new lease of life away from the noise and pollution of humans.”

The Over 18’s 

Runner up
Frances Halsey

Frances Halsey - car

“This cheerful model took Frances weeks to build, complete with ice cream man ready to take orders! Frances started building models/sculptures at the start of lockdown, she loves stacking things so we thought it might give her something to do, we soon realised she has amazing skills! The small wooden Kapla-planks are all the same size, just balanced on top of each other, no glue, screws, or clips!”

The Under 11’s 

The Winner
Tilly Davies

Tilly Davies - swan

“With humans in lockdown animals have been free to live their lives”





The Under 11’s 

Runner up
Lily Iris Michie

Lily Iris Michie - words

“I have created this using procreate. I am 9 years old and have been shielding since March 5th 2020… I have had lots and lots of feelings, so have created this to show you.”

The Under 18’s 

The Winner
Laila Clark

Laila Clark - clouds

“I made this piece not long after my Grandfather passed away. It was inspired by the coast near where my granddad lived”





The Under 18’s 

Runner up
Grace Horwood 

Grace Horwood - horse

“I’ve missed my regular riding sessions so much so Ive spent time drawing them which makes me happy.”



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