Aston Avery, 27 from Basildon Essex and Autism Ambassador for our charity has found a unique way of sharing his journey. With the help of Basildon Recording Studios, local singers the Averyettes (Jessica Richardson, Sophie Griffiths, Latalia Pickleman, Skye Stack and Rebecca Stanford) and a sponsor he has created a short film.

It documents his journey from diagnosis to date and whilst facing many challenges and knock backs and being told everything that he could not achieve he has defied odds and accomplished more than anyone could have imagined.The film incorporates a particularly poignant interview with his parents that many can truly identify with and input from himself and Anna Kennedy to build a picture of the magnitude of what he has experienced over the years and what he has overcome.

Aston is inspired by the work he has done at AKO and wanted to show others that the positive reality of never giving up and following your dreams is possible despite the challenges of Autism.The video is aimed at both primary schools and secondary. It is delivered by Aston himself accompanied either by his parents or Team Avery member. It has been incredibly successful to date.

This is beneficial not only to anyone with Autism, but also their friends, family members, LSA’a, SENCO’s in fact everyone who could benefit from a real insight to Autism.The recent talk at Northland School in Pitsea has had such great feedback another meeting has already been requested just for parents, especially as some are dealing with their children being newly diagnosed and are needing the information and support this can offer.

The talk and video presentation is delivered free of charge and can be tailored to your specific requirements. From small classes to big halls Aston aims to spread awareness wherever it is needed.Any schools interested in receiving this talk from Aston or to find out more information please contact

News Aston Avery: ”From A Tear To Here” shares his inspiring and thought provoking journey with local schools