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Aston Avery our Ambassador shares his experience on lock-down

For 10 weeks prior to 1st June being in lock-down, I was struggling to find anything out there to do, whilst I was not doing my normal radio shows on Gateway 97.8. 

I struggle a lot if I do not have routine so this lock-down made it very hard for me and I would think for others.  I did find out about online classes that Pineapple Performing Arts were running on Sunday’s and several weekday classes online. I was also doing the social media for Gateway 97.8 to try and keep myself busy. 

The media was not really good for me as I got carried away with watching the news and all the posts were different.  It was not easy for me to understand what was right or wrong.

There was also some challenges sent to me from my local dance school “La Danse Fantastique” that I was taking part in. The social media platform zoom has been a massive help, as I’ve been able to keep in contact with family and friends. Also not forgetting recently throughout the month of May, taking part in a run, walk, cycle challenge for Anna Kennedy Online raising much needed funds.

I am very glad to now be back at Gateway 97.8 presenting the daytime programme.  It was hard at first as there were some changes put in place.  For instance I now have a screen on my desk which means my guests are protected from me, and I them.  I also have sanitiser to use and I have had to do some interviews via the internet. 

I was so looking forward to my regular shows, including presenting “All Things Autism in Essex” which is on the first Thursday of each month.  I missed my routine and feel less anxious now things are gradually getting back to normal.  I think everyone learned a lot about themselves from Lock-down.

News Aston Avery our Ambassador shares his lock-down experience