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Anna talks All Things Autism in Essex with Aston Avery – May 2024

Anna talks All Things Autism in Essex with Aston Avery – May 2024

Anna talks All Things Autism in Essex with Aston Avery – May 2024


Autism show – May 2024


Autism show – May 2024

The month of May saw All Things Autism in Essex return on the week of Mental Health Awareness Week. Aston was joined by regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of autism charity Annakennedyonline as they spoke to great guests and reflect on mental health within in the autism community.

The first of Aston and Anna’s guests was Dez Loveartpix.

The second of Aston and Anna’s guests was Sean Kennedy.

The third of Aston and Anna’s guests was author Georgina Durrant from The SEN Resource Learning.

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Another busy show with some fantastic guests talking ‘All things Autism in Essex ‘ with Aston and I.

Our first guest was Dez founder of ‘LoveArtPix’. A creative award winning self taught Autistic Artist. Dez was also one of our Charity Autism Hero Award Winners and has supported our charity AnnaKennedyonline in the past.


Dez spoke to us about is upcoming documentary that is in production and since it is Mental Health Awareness Week he gave some useful tips and advice on how art has helped him through his own personal struggles.

Our second guest was my husband Sean Kennedy supporter of our charity and co founder of Talem Law. Sean spoke about the ‘Stop and Search’ document for autistic individuals.


Last week AnnaKennedyonline won the Metropolitan Police Community Contribution Award and the Overall Winner of the Inclusion Diversity Equality Awards for 2024!

Sean , Detective Superintendent Dion Brown and I were invited on stage to receive the award. The event took place at The Magic Circle London. Sean speaks on Gateway in greater detail about this useful resource.


Our last guest was Georgina Durrant Author of her new book  ‘SEND Strategies for the Primary Years ‘ available very soon. Georgina has been a past guest on Gateway Radio talking about her award winning ‘The SEN Resources Blog’ and books.

Georgina was a former a teacher and SENDCo Her book is available to pre order on and get 35% off with DURRANT35 until 6th June.

Aston and I also spoke about Mental Health Awareness Week and I shared the NHS Link with lots of useful information on where to get help.


Wishing you all a lovely month of May. I will be back in June with more great guests.

Next week I am off to Buckingham Palace for the Kings Garden Party!

Stay safe and well


Anna x”

All Things Autism in Essex will return soon.

Autistics and Literal thinking: Time – by loveartpix

Autistics and Literal thinking: Time – by loveartpix

Autistics and Literal thinking – Time

Article by loveartpix


I wanted to create a short blog to help people understand the importance of how time keeping can really impact autistic individuals like myself. I find myself having to repeat myself over and over which can be triggering in itself. Of course i understand people are busy – unfortunately that’s the world we live in now – but i feel it’s not an excuse to not drop a short text/email which takes a minute to inform if running late.

I hope the following reiterates what I have been explaining for years to people and can possibly help others who maybe struggle and have the same issues.

For individuals on the autism spectrum, the impact of unmet promises, such as missing a scheduled call time, can be profound. This discrepancy between what was expected and what actually happens can trigger heightened levels of stress, frustration, and potentially lead to meltdowns. This reaction is often rooted in tendency towards literal thinking and a strong reliance on routines and predictability.

Acknowledgement or confirmation, through a simple text or email, is just as crucial for autistic individuals. The lack of communication regarding delays or changes in plans can also lead to heightened stress and frustration and trigger meltdowns.

For someone with autism, the ability to comprehend and anticipate social cues and changes can be really challenging. Therefore, when a promised action – like receiving a call at a specific time – is not fulfilled, it can cause massive distress. This distress may stem from a hyper focussed expectation that the promised event will occur precisely as stated, highlighting the importance of consistency and clear communication in interactions with autistic individuals.

The concept of time holds a major significance for many autistic individuals. Strict adherence to schedules and routines can sometimes become a focal point, with individuals fixating on specific times and events. This hyperfocus on time management can impact daily functioning, attention span, and ability to transition between tasks smoothly.

Repeated disappointments in time management, especially if they lead to frequent meltdowns, can have lasting effects on an individual with autism. These ongoing letdowns can result in feelings of distress, helplessness, and a sense of being misunderstood or disregarded. Over time, these experiences could potentially contribute to the development of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD), particularly if they struggle with regulating emotions and coping with daily stressors.

The compounded impact of missed expectations and stress related to time management can be particularly challenging for autistic individuals due to their unique communication and sensory processing differences. The inherent difficulties they face in understanding and engaging in social interactions can be further exacerbated by disruptions in routines or unmet expectations regarding time. This combination of factors can make it harder for autistic individuals to manage and recover from such experiences, potentially leading to more intense emotional responses and increased vulnerability to conditions like CPTSD.

ART; Chronicles of Order

Vulnerable amongst a whirlwind of time and numbers showing how patterns and routines reign supreme.

In my vulnerable state I wanted to show the raw honesty and nature of how the autism experience is for me. Surrounded by chaotic numbers and clocks looking trapped, liberated and controlled by time itself.

Through chaos and order I hoped to show the unique perspective of the world and how structure, focus and time play such an important role.



Dez (loveartpix) was one of our Charity Autism Hero Awards Winners

Nominate your Autism Hero for 2025

Mental Health Awareness Week – an article by Kieron Lee

Mental Health Awareness Week – an article by Kieron Lee

Mental Health Awareness Week – an article by Kieron Lee

I am writing this article for Anna Kennedy Online, to raise the much-needed awareness for Mental Health, this week, and every week. It is no secret that I have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD as well as a Mixed Anxiety and Depressive disorder. You can imagine, that managing all of these is extremely difficult.


For years I have struggled with severe mental health issues; in 2018 I attempted suicide by taking an overdose, there have been similar events like this before. At the time I felt empty yet full of emotions that I just could not bear, I would describe autism and emotions like “Superman and Kryptonite;” emotions are my Kryptonite. I often question and have never quite understood the reasoning behind my sometimes-erratic response to events that have occurred throughout my life.


The way I feel is often overwhelming, I have strong feelings that lead to me being very emotional, almost like an empath is how I would describe it. Sometimes the world just gets too much, and I just need to come off it for a bit.


In times when I feel so low, I have my mother, who has honestly been my biggest supporter, critique, best friend, and rock that constantly holds me to the ground when I lose a sense of gravity. I have a lot of friends and even family that weren’t/are not lucky enough to have the relationship with their mum that I do with mine, and I will forever be so lucky for that.


Weeks when I do not feel so great you best believe I am able to write the best lyrical content, the ability to do that makes me feel so much lighter. I often “meditate” with the piano and a beautiful chord progression which is so soothing for the mind. Also, getting stuck into coursework really helps! But it is honestly, the love for music and the people that I am so lucky to have around me that keeps me strong.



I met the wonderful Anna and team back in 2016 whilst we were working on our superb charity album “Building Bridges”, which was a significant and memorable time in my life. Since then, I have continued to support and work with the charity.


Anna and all the team have played a huge part in shaping the person I have become today, and I could not be more thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me through Anna Kennedy Online, and their amazing work and I feel so proud to be a part of the AKO family. I am aware of the progress and huge difference that I have made.


If I can do it, you can too! Never give up. 

I would like to encourage everyone to spread love and positivity in a world that really needs it. Especially right now. I also ask that you try to be the best advocate for mental health that you possibly can be. Be super thankful for your neighbours, thankful for your friends and family. Most importantly be thankful for yourself and know that you have huge value. Try to appreciate the little things in life as much as you can even when you feel like it is impossible. Stay strong. Reach out when you need it. You are not alone.


For more information on mental health services, please visit:

AKO Receives Top Honors at Metropolitan Police Awards Ceremony

AKO Receives Top Honors at Metropolitan Police Awards Ceremony

AKO Receives Top Honours at Metropolitan Police Awards Ceremony

Anna Kennedy Online has won the Metropolitan Police Community Contribution Award and the Overall Winner of the Inclusion Diversity Equality Awards for 2024 !
Anna Kennedy, her husband Sean Kennedy and Detective Superintendent Dion Brown were invited on stage to receive this prestigious award.
Safe to say it was unexpected especially after reading and hearing about all the fantastic work being done by so many dedicated people across the organisation.
Well Done to all nominees.
The event took place at The Magic Circle London.
A Glamorous Day in the Cotswolds with RED Luxury Life Magazine

A Glamorous Day in the Cotswolds with RED Luxury Life Magazine

A Glamorous Day in the Cotswolds with RED Luxury Life Magazine

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Cotswolds for a photoshoot and a lovely afternoon tea.
I wasn’t feeling that good however, some time out from work really made me feel so much better.

The Cotswolds is so beautiful.
The Bull Bridge hotel was really lovely and in a stunning location.
A huge thank you to Simon Brown – RED The Luxury Life Magazine for coordinating the shoot and the delicious afternoon tea at Hugo Lovage Patisserie, a real gentleman.
The photographer made me feel at ease Steve Knight and was easy to work with.
The make up artist and I Ayesha Baig clicked immediately such a lovely lady. It felt like I had known her for years.
Last but not least thank you to the amazing Steven Smith, a good friend and one of our charity Patrons working on the edit of this piece.
In the middle of the photoshoot there was a lovely couple asking what were we doing and admiring my dress. It just so happens their grandson had just been diagnosed with autism and asked if they could contact our charity for advice.
Please see the link to Red Luxury Life Magazine.

Author: Lauren Russell