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Let us Learn too – a response from the Prime Minister

Let us Learn too – a response from the Prime Minister

Let us Learn too – a response from the Prime Minister

On 8th September we contributed and signed the ‘Let us Learn too’ letter in collaboration with many other individuals and groups passionate about the right to a good education for our children. Click here for details.

Today, we received the following response from Boris Johnson, whilst this is a positive letter now we need actions and outcomes:

Dear Dr Kennedy,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about social care charges and disabled people’s needs.

Disabled people should be empowered and their needs met so that they can live with dignity and the Government is commitment to ensuring that the most vulnerable in society are given the support they need.

We are determined to tackle the challenges in social care, creating a sustainable adult care system that is fit for the future. As you may be aware, £36 billion will be invested in the health and care system over the next three years, including £5.4 billion for social care, to ensure it has the long term resources it needs.

Of course, while absolutely vital, these changes alone will not solve the long term problems in the social care system and I can assure you the Government recognises the wider set of issues faced by the sector including the system of social care charges. That is why, over the coming months, the Government will be working alongside the social care sector to develop a “Blueprint for Adult Social Care” which will set out further details on proposals. This will include investing in the Disabled Facilities Grant and supported housing, and exploring other innovative housing solutions to support more people to live independently at home.

I can assure you that disabled people will be heard and involved in reforming social care. These reforms must be meaningful in order to create a fully inclusive society.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson MP
Member of Parliament (Uxbridge and South Ruislip)

Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday!

Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday!

Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday and the show once again was a smash hit!!

Since 2012 Anna Kennedy OBE the founder of the show shared:

“Our legendary show Autism’s Got Talent showcased amazingly talented performances by autistic adults and children from across the UK and the US. All the performers fly the flag for autism and show what people with autism CAN do and then some. 

We aim as a charity to continue to build Autism’s Got Talent year by year and we want all those involved to have fun, do what they love, make friends and be themselves, and have one night which is all about them.”

Autism’s Got Talent provides a platform and great opportunity to replace negative aspects with hope, fun, laughter, and inclusion. This showcase is unique to any other projects across the world. This show brings the performers their families and the audience feel a rare emotion of hope and belonging and part of a unique network and understanding that anything is possible.

Every year promises a showcase of a huge variety of performers and this year showed exactly that. Amazing vocalists, drummers, dancers, poets and so much more.”.

Anna and Lisa

About Autism’s Got Talent

Throughout the last ten years all the talented entries are totally mind-blowing and Anna Kennedy Online have included acts from overseas Sweden, Croatia, US, Canada, Italy, India, France and across the UK.

With more than 500,000 people diagnosed with autism in the UK it is easy to simply label these people.

The fact is that autism is an often-misunderstood condition and while it can be difficult for those diagnosed on the autism spectrum to express themselves, they are often highly intelligent and able people who can achieve extraordinary things, but often navigating the journey in their own way.

Recognising the uniqueness of those autistic individuals Anna Kennedy OBE who has two sons on the autism spectrum, has worked tirelessly with her team of volunteers to find ways of recognising their ability and creating platforms for them to excel.

Anna Kennedy shared:

This was a great opportunity at the weekend for sixteen autistic individuals who stepped up on stage and really showed the audience what they can do. Wonderfully talented singers Jessi Kay, Joseph Pass, Holly Allison, Samuel Turner, T’mya Fyffe , Sky Boswell, Louisa Futcher, Ben Maille and Kieron Lee.

An amazing talented drummer Joshua Scott -Crowley, Electric guitarist Daniel Carson and Tom Wakely, a band from Essex Caged Arts, an expressive and passionate Dancer Aston Avery, Powerful Poet James Scullion, and a talented mimic all the way from the US Scott Edgar.

So often society views these people as difficult and uncommunicative, but this event once again totally blew that out of the water with the support of Pineapple Performing Arts, my wonderful team of volunteers, Philip Barnett as the MC with the support of celebrity guests Robin Windsor, Steven Smith, Danielle Mason, Phillip Baldwin, and John Galea.

This whole show is a concept based solely on inclusion and there needs to be more events like this, which is why Autism’s got Talent is a roadshow and has travelled to St Ives, Essex, Northeast, Liverpool and next year to Cheshire.

Anna Kennedy Online Supports – What Does Accessibility Mean to Me Awareness Week

Anna Kennedy Online Supports – What Does Accessibility Mean to Me Awareness Week

Anna Kennedy Online Supports – What Does Accessibility Mean to Me Awareness Week

When you hear the word ‘accessibility’, what do you think of?

Accessibility means something different to everyone. We all have different experiences, challenges, abilities, and thoughts regarding the world of inclusion, whether at home or in the workplace.

Anna Kennedy Online is proud to celebrate ‘What Does Accessibility Mean to Me’ awareness week, where we come together and recognise the differences within our communities to support a diverse range of people. Together we can make a difference.

October 18th- 22nd 2021 marks the first ‘What Does Accessibility Mean to Me awareness week. A key date in our calendar to get everyone talking and learning about accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.

Anna Kennedy OBE shared: “1 in every 5 people has a disability that may impact an individual’s access to information, services, experiences, and opportunities. Everyone deserves the freedom to live a barrier-free life. By joining Recite Me, we have created an inclusive digital world to enable our staff, customers, and website users to customise their online experience in a way that works best for them.”

Mala Thapar shared: “When visiting our website, people can use our accessibility and language support tools to create a unique and customisable user experience. Support options include text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 texts to speech voices and many other features.”

Together we can give everyone a voice to express their understanding and thoughts on what accessibility means to them.  This starts by creating awareness on an individual or organisational level, helping to bring the workplace together, empower individuals, and improve inclusion. Join the journey to an accessible world.

Anna Kennedy Online Supports What Does Accessibility Mean to Me Awareness Week
A book review – Asperger’s, Autism & You by Ian Hale, Ph.D

A book review – Asperger’s, Autism & You by Ian Hale, Ph.D

Asperger’s, Autism & You by Ian Hale, Ph.D​

A book review by Beverly Guest our Charity Champion

I was instantly attracted to the cover of this book, partly as our autistic son loves the colour yellow – and the cover photo has plenty of yellow…. and partly because the scene intrigued me.

The synopsis on the back cover with reviews of Dr Ian Hale subsequently made me think, yes …. this is a book I want to read!

Dr Ian Hale has written extensively in this book about autism. The one thing which stands out from the outset, is that he himself is on the spectrum and he is an amazing advocate and voice for our autism community.

It is always great to read about someone who talks about something that they experience themselves first-hand. We’ve all had that person say to us ‘Oh he has autism?

My best friend’s sister’s daughters neighbour is autistic we know all about it’ …. of course, it is great to share ideas with each other, support can come from many different areas in many different forms. Yet it is always that extra bit more special when it comes from someone who knows… first-hand.

Asperger’s, Autism & You by Ian Hale, Ph.D

So, step forward Dr Ian Hale… he ‘knows.’  Being on the spectrum he has taken his experiences and expert knowledge, then put them into this book to help others. It is a great resource for anyone who is connected with autism, and he explains from start to finish in an easy-to-read format.

It is refreshing to read a book which imparts so much information in such an effective and simple way. I love the way Dr Ian Hale starts with some history about autism, then takes you on a journey, highlighting many areas which are often not written about.

A book discussing openly different areas connected with autism, its genetic roots, tips, and topics that are often debated publicised and quoted by professionals – yet this is refreshingly honest and open from someone actually on the spectrum – combining both personal and scientific information.

I love the autism family tree, the way he talks about the science behind autism, right down to the selected reading and resources section, there is something in this for everyone.

Click here and grab yourself a copy, read the book including the reviews highlighted in the opening pages which show the reader how well received Dr Ian Hales resource is.

You will not be disappointed, and I can assure you that it is clear this highly intellectual author is not just an expert on autism, he is an expert at explaining simply and easily so the reader will understand.

Excellent book and author, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author: Mala Thapar