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Bullying – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

Bullying – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

Bullying – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

This is personal perspective of how I internalised, rationalised and brought closure to the psychological and on occasion physical abuse I endured.

Inner Worlds Project Actions 

The way in which I rationalised bullying was to understand that they had challenges in their own right (anxiety, mood, attachment, info processing) that could come from their environment or otherwise.

At the very least they gave me a foundation of how not to treat others and at the very most I wish they them well in their future, connected endeavours and thank them.

Closure & Objectivity

Closure came when I humanised their actions that they themselves were and are people – this doesn’t mean that agree with bullying nor that I would be (presentence) in their company.

However having closure is coming at peace with the past understanding whom you really are a lengthy but worthy process.

Conclusion and Reflection

I do not want to be accepted by others in the most superficial and fawning senses (it repeats the cycle of victimhood/victimisation) – one must come to the reality that accepting yourself first is a worthy venture

Paul Isaacs 2021

Touch for Mental Health and Self Care – an article by Giuliana Wheater

Touch for Mental Health and Self Care – an article by Giuliana Wheater

Touch for Mental Health and Self Care

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Well, I have to say that absolutely everywhere I went last week people were at breaking point. Exhausted, emotional, and overwhelmed. Students, staff, other therapists, and doctors. This really is a huge pandemic, and the UK are coming up as the very worst effected, with eighty-four men a week taking their own lives.

As we know, if you are neurodiverse, you are 2-6x more likely to pick up a mental health issue or illness already, so we really do need to be on red alert with this.

As a parent, teacher or other professional we also need to keep ourselves topped up or we will be running on empty with nothing left to give.

The tips I have shared on this week’s YouTube video can be used as gentle massage or acupressure. They can be self-administered, mirrored, or even applied in the situations where you are able to use touch.

The yin tang point between your eyes is a point where that continual chatter of the brain quietens and calms right down. It is a concentration point too so brings great mental clarity; often hard to find when our brains are exhausted and at breaking point.

The KD27 points just below the neck aid enormously with depression and mental clarity. Either press, hold and release these points or gently massage them.

The LU1 points work on releasing and easing anxiety and fear. Eighty percent of what we worry about never actually happens anyway so pressing and releasing these points or massaging them helps bring acceptance, letting go of expectations, brings clarity to the brain and positivity.

The CV17 point right in the middle of your chest is a deeply calming and centering point. It alleviates grief and nervousness. It helps with emotional imbalance. Used daily this can have a significant impact.

The KD24 points stimulate empowerment, self-worth and enhance positivity. Huge weapons in this battle against mental health.

Lastly the GB20 points either side of the top of the neck is where the all-important vagus nerve begins: the largest nerve of the central nervous system, this pushed up the blood, oxygen, and the neurotransmitter Dopamine to the brain. Not only does this boost our feelings of being able to cope and function but it also boosts attention, focus and motivation.

These points also relieve depression and confusion. By pressing and releasing or massaging here it stimulates the brain and mental clarity. It also enhances positivity!!

So, let us do our daily bit to help ourselves while doctors cannot see anyone face to face and the waiting lists for camhs, therapists and even crisis teams grow longer and longer.

I wish you all a positive week. We will get through this – together.

Warm wishes, Giuliana xx

Touch for Mental Health and Self Care
Touch for Mental Health and Self Care
Take it one day at a time

Take it one day at a time

Take it one day at a time 

My Top Tips when your son or daughter is given an Autism spectrum diagnosis.

I remember when both my sons who are now 28 and 31 were diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition.

At first it felt like an explosion had gone off in my head and I thought ‘Did I do something wrong in my pregnancy? ‘

Afterwards I thought to myself I do not smoke or drink. I did light exercise walking and dance so no I dont think so.

I was looking for someone or something to blame which is a natural reaction after been given this information.

I just wanted to share with parents that once your son or daughter is given the diagnosis:

Let yourself feel everything you feel: Please know it is okay to be mad, sad and angry. You will feel a variety of conflicting emotions. It is even okay to wallow in self-pity a bit. Some parents even go through a short grieving process.

Don’t blame yourself: Please don’t blame yourself or your partner . We all do the best we can with the information we are given at the time.

Take Charge: Taking charge will make you feel less helpless. Information is power, and there is so much more information now available than when both my sons were diagnosed in 1994 and 1997.

Don’t believe everything you are told about autism: You know your child better than any health care professional. And no one should tell you what your child will not be able to do.

Take one day at a time.

Speak to other parents and autistic adults: Parents of autistic children and autistic adults can often be your best support because they know what you are going through. You can share ideas and strategies and they will take time out to listen to you.

Make time for yourself: I didn’t do this for ten years since I felt guilty and felt I had to put all my energy into fighting for my children and secure them appropriate education even on 3 hours sleep or no sleep. If you burn out you are no good to anyone !

It’s important to look after your mental health and wellbeing the best way you can.

Take one day at a time some days good some days not so good.

Never give up hope ?

Anna Kennedy OBE 


Author: Mala Thapar