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Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Dr Ian C E Hale

Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Dr Ian C E Hale

Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Dr Ian C E Hale

Annas guest at Women’s Radio was Dr Ian C E Hale ​
‘All things Autism” will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day this week.  Please see

Dr Ian C E Hale shared:

To be clear …. it’s important to put my book and other work into context by knowing a little of their origins. I’m an Autistic person. It’s an indivisible part of who I am as an individual; it informs, goads and limits every thought and act of my life-but I refuse to let it define me. I’m a sportsman, poet, photographer, medical scientist and more-but first and foremost, a human being, with the same fears, hopes, weaknesses and feelings as everyone else.

I’m Asperger’s Syndrome, with mild Autism, Dyslexia and moderate Dyscalculia. To the best of my knowledge these traits have been passed down through previous generations of the family on my father’s side since the 18th Century. I have found written records: correspondence, diaries, and poetry from family archives of many forebears, their friends and colleagues.

I’m from the historic City of Bristol, England, a member of British Mensa, the World Academy of Medical Science, The Athenian Society and a graduate of Portsmouth, Bristol and Bath Spa Universities. My professional background is in Further and Higher education, SEND and genetics. I have four cats, Tisha, George, Pearl and Thor.

Being an author and private consultant in neurodiversity is one thing, but by being one I bring a unique dimension to its understanding and implications, which is one of the main reasons for writing the book-only someone who lives it truly knows what it’s like. This isn’t only academic theory or clinical observation- this is how it lives, good and bad.

I believe that WE are the best judges of what we need and should be involved at every level in all decisions made about us. The book is a definite aid to informing and empowering that goal. Because of that family experience, autism was always a part of everyday life for me. That understanding, combine with my experience, gives my work a unique perspective.

Autism is for life, including senior care, a fact seldom considered by social agencies. No-one “grows out” of Autism; it’s not “a phase”. The vulnerable child grows into a vulnerable adult at all stages of life. That’s the reason why parents and carers worry so much about the future of their children and are often accused of being “fussy” or “over-protective”.

The harsh truth is they are always thinking; “what will happen to MY child when we have passed or are no longer able to protect and speak for him/her”? That’s my goal-to be the voice for those who have none.

Let us Learn too – a letter to the Prime Minister

Let us Learn too – a letter to the Prime Minister

Let us Learn too – a letter to the Prime Minister

My husband Sean and I are proud to have contributed and signed the ‘Let us Learn too’ letter in collaboration with many other individuals and groups passionate about the right to a good education for our children.

As you know with our own 2 sons we had a huge battle in 1997 where in the end we had to create our own school. So sad to see and hear about parent still struggling to find a school that can meet their child’s needs.

All children have the right to an education. We are calling on PM Boris Johnson to make vital reforms so children with special educational needs get the right support at school. Please see our widely supported letter here:

#SEND #disability #education #autism  #wednesdaymotivation #LetUsLearnToo

Let us Learn too – a letter to the Prime Minister

We are proud to support the ‘Let us Learn too campaign’

Anna Kennedy Online are proud to support the ‘Let us Learn too campaign’

‘Please Boris Johnson let disabled people, parents and carers have a say in the review on special educational needs by the Department for Education.

Without this Ellie Mai and children like her will be denied their right to an education’

AnnaKennedyonline are proud to support the ‘Let us Learn too campaign’.

Anna and Sean Kennedy both contributed to and signed the letter to Boris Johnson alongside many other well-known campaigners and supporters.

The letter will be shared to the public later in the week.

For more details: Click here

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Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Asma Khanum founder of ChatterBug

Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Asma Khanum founder of ChatterBug

Anna’s guest at Women’s Radio was Asma Khanum
Founder of ChatterBug

Annas guest at Women’s Radio was Asma Khanum founder of ChatterBug​.
‘All things Autism” will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day this week.  Please see

Asma Khanum shared:

It was great to be part of Anna’s show on All Things Autism on Women’s Radio Station and talk about the work ChatterBug Speech and Language Therapy Service has been doing as a company to help support children and young people with Autism.

It was also a real pleasure to have the opportunity to talk about my own experience of supporting parents who have a child with autism to becoming a parent of a child with autism myself.  I felt really privileged to have to opportunity to share my own story with the hope that it may help others.  

The wait for an autism assessment can be anything from 2- 5 years depending on where you live, meaning many families and individuals are unable to access the right support.  In response to this problem, we decided to launch our own Autism Assessment Clinic with a very experienced team of professionals who are experts in this field. 

For more information about our clinic please visit or contact us on social media – details below.

Asma Khanum

​About Asma:

Asma studied and trained at University College London as a Speech and Language Therapist.  She has worked with various NHS and Third Sector organisations across the country for over 20 years.

Asma feels privileged to have worked with children and young people with a range of Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and parents/carers and professionals that work to support them.

She has specialised in Early Years, Bilingualism and SEMH.  She has led a number of teams and is passionate about providing high quality, evidence-based interventions, that provides real results. She one of the original founders of ChatterBug Speech and Language Therapy Service, a Social Enterprise providing a range of Speech and Language Therapy Services.

Nationally recognised, ChatterBug is an NHS Business Partner and commissioned by CCGs, Local Authorities and Schools across the country and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Having not come from a business background Asma has worked tirelessly to grow ChatterBug from a small independent organisation, to what it is today a fast-growing national organisation, with a team of 50 and growing. Asma is passionate about leadership and believes in shaping and growing individuals to reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

She is proud of everything her team has achieved, however feels there is still a lot more work to be done. “Speech, Language and Communication skills are fundamental to all that we do and without good skills in these areas our children and young people will struggle to reach their full potential.  It is our mission to ensure children and young people with SLCN are able to access the best quality support at the right time wherever they are.”

Read about my journey:

Coming from a background of poverty and socio-economic challenges Asma made a choice to challenge the cultural and societal conventions.  She never put limitations on herself.  Asma pursued her desire to change the world “People ask me about challenges I faced as an Asian Woman I never focused on those things, I focused on my vision and wanting to be best at everything I did, that was my only focus.  I also wanted”, head strong and having a sense that she wanted to change the world Asma worked on her grand plan of breaking free of the chains that constrained her.

Author: Mala Thapar