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Autism Acceptance – an article from our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

Note this is from a personal perspective 

I first met Anna Kennedy at an event in 2017 and from there on in I became an ambassador, trainer and recently and consultant.

Understanding and accommodation

It would be fair of me to say that Anna and her team are understanding, accommodating, flexible, self-owning and have fair and concise boundaries which aid in the training and consultancy process.

Over the years I have said to the team about the various different information processing challenges which I continue to have such as –

  •  Faceblindness (prosopagnosia) – Recognising people by patterns of movement, contextual association, and voice.
  •  Language Processing (aphasia) – Needing processing time verbally and noting that I have preference for emails, type communication.
  •  Visual Perception (agnosias) – Noting that can struggle with visual association, mapping out people and places.
  •  Alexithymia – Noting that this may impact on my ability to make instant emotive based decisions.
  •  Dyslexia – Mala one of the team members kindly sifts through my articles looking for dyslexic errors in grammar and punctuation. 

Work Ethos & Balance

Further expanding on this the work ethos is a mixed between structured and casual with a firm emphasis on community, family and egalitarian values, the balance is that they see me as a three-dimensional human being which is at the heart of meaningful and connective inclusive minded treading that is propped by firm foundation of autonomy and mental wellness. I value from an interior reference point of being with team because of this.

Paul Isaacs 2022 

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NewsAutism Acceptance – an article from our Ambassador Paul Isaacs