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Autism Dance Day is now in its seventh year and as always Anna Kennedy OBE and her team will be using the day to raise awareness for autism around the UK, the event is celebrated on social media today and through the weekend of 26th April 2019.

Industry experts have long agreed that dance helps children with an autism spectrum condition develop better, and it can also help them connect more with others. So we thought we would take one step further and ask you to join in a nationwide dance festival to raise funds for Autism. It’s easy to organise – someone brings the music and the invitees provide the moves- and if we all get behind the occasion we think it will really capture the imagination of children with Autism, their parents, carers, friends and family, as well as local press and communities.

Anyone can join in whether they are touched by autism or would simply like to have fun and raise money for this great cause – we would also like to share the fun by inviting you to upload pictures or video images, from your phone , of your event onto Facebook where we have organised a special Step in the Right Direction page:

Its a great way of publicising our cause and showing off your event to your family, friends and the nation. Anna encourages families to get involved saying: “Soooo strike a pose whether it be in your office, warehouse, school , college , lounge at home wherever the mood takes you and post your photos on Facebook, tag me on Twitter @Annakennedy1 #autismdanceday”

Click here to take a look at what happened during Autism Dance Day in previous years.

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Dance Day CampaignYou are all invited to take part in Autism Dance Day 2019