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Our fifth year Charity Autism Hero Awards 2023 celebrating our finalists.


Esteemed Panel Determined Winners at The Cumberland Hotel, London, on September 14, 2023


The anticipation for the Autism Hero Awards 2023 builds as the judging panel was revealed.


Hosted by Autism Advocate Anna Kennedy OBE for her esteemed autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online, this year’s awards promise to celebrate and recognise outstanding individuals and initiative within the autism community.


The judging panel included well-known personalities and industry experts, adding immense credibility to the event. Renowned actress Vicki Michelle from “EastEnders” and “Allo, Allo” joins former “EastEnders” actor Gary Webster, lending their expertise to assess the exceptional nominees. Accompanying them are Superintendent Dion Brown, who collaborated with Anna and her husband Sean on the impactful “Stop and Search” initiative this year, and award-winning author Samantha Lee Howe. Born Anxious founder Kelly Barker, Jo Luck British kick boxing 3 times champion, and David Grant MBE.


The Autism Hero Awards were were handed over to Anna 5 years ago from Wales to AnnaKennedy Online Charity to shed light on remarkable accomplishments within the autism community across the UK and Overseas.


The initiative serves as a platform to raise awareness and foster acceptance of autism, aiming to honour those who go the extra mile in making a positive difference.


Anna Kennedy, the founder of the Autism Charity, expressed her enthusiasm for this year’s nominations, which hit a record high and attracted entries from overseas . She emphasised the significance of celebrating the tireless efforts of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of autistic children and adults.


Despite facing a personal loss, actress Vicki Michelle remained steadfast in her support for the cause, praising Anna Kennedy’s incredible work and expressing her commitment to celebrating the heroes of the autism world. Gary Webster, a former “Minder” actor, echoed her sentiments, describing the judging experience as an honour and humbling.


The winners of the Autism Hero Awards 2023 will be unveiled at a star-studded red-carpet event on November 25, 2023, at The Cumberland Hotel, London, promising a night of recognition and celebration.


Our judges gathered to decide the finalists for this years Autism Hero Awards


Autism Hero Awards 2023 Finalists

Outstanding Education Award

Damian Brown
Rob Patterson
The Scottish Centre for Personal safety

Lifetime Award

Dr Rashmi Becker MBE
Dr Linda Buchan
James Punch

People’s Autism Hero Award

Asher Jenner
Dorothy Nambi
Sylvia Mochabo

Leading Business of the Year Award

Ryan Statton
Brad Thorpe
Lee Chambers

Sibling of the Year Award

Oliver Stiel

Young Person of the Year Award

Samuel Turner
Evelyn Baker French
Kaydi Scottsville

Parent/Carer of the Year Award

Dan Harris
Margaret Njeri
Rachel Mills

Online Social Network Award

Kent Autistic Trust
Paul Ward
Pines Team Highland

Creative Arts & Media Award

Gabrielle Overton
Nadeem Shaath
Dez Love art pix

Outstanding Community Award

Jade Cook
Kayleigh Graveson
Sara Bradford

Personal Achievement Award

Rachel Barcelona
Kanyeyachukwu Tagbookeke
Cory Chapman

Support Group of the Year Award

Autism Wish – Lia McCabe

Axia-ASD Post Diagnostic Support

Autism Bucks – Neil Cary

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AnnaAutism Hero Awards 2023 Finalists Announced!