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Autism show – January 2021

On 8th January marked the first autism show for 2021 and Aston and Anna Kennedy OBE spoke about the impacts of lockdown and also had exciting guests on.

Anna had this to say after the show: “What a great start to 2021 Talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ with Aston. We packed in so much information this show and we had two fantastic autistic role models Ben Pearson and Tess Eagle Swan and the gorgeous Kratu a rescue and assistance dog.

 Autism show – January 2021

Ben shared ‘He will not be identified by his autism. He is the founder of Big Clothing 4 U and Uptheir clothing. He is using his platform to put an end to online bullying.

His latest venture is working with Katie Price and our Charity Antibullying Ambassador Harvey Price creating an inclusive collection of clothing which aims to raise awareness about ‘Harvey’s Law’.

Click here for details of Big Clothing 4 U, stand up, speak out and show your support for Harvey’s Law.

Click here to listen to the podcasts and please watch the video below of All Things Autism In Essex!

Tess shares Kratu is the unlikely underdog who touched hearts worldwide.

They are both Advocates for autism, mental health and ‘Be Kind like Kratu’.

Tess shares ‘Anna has been an inspirational influence in our lives since we first met her online.

Getting to know her, performing on Autism’s got Talent, being able to be heard, radio interviews, articles written, sharing that meant do much.

She gave us the chance to have a voice, be validated and accepted.

Looking forward to February’s show Stay Safe ,Stay Strong and Keep going everyone.”

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