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Autism show – March 2022

This month’s autism show saw Aston Avery and Anna Kennedy OBE discuss the latest news regarding autism charity Annakennedyonline and also all things autism. 

Anna shared “I was happy to be back in the Gateway studio with Aston for the March edition of ‘All things Autism in Essex.  Our first guests today were one of my charity ambassadors Tess Eagle Swan alongside Lynne Barrett-Lee who is a best selling Author and novelist for The Sunday Times.. Tess lives in Cambridgeshire with her dogs, she is mother to 2 and has 1 grandchild. We first met Tess when her and Kratu performed on Autism’s got Talent in London.

Tess and Lynne co wrote the book Incredible Kratu – Kratu won the hearts of the nation when he went rogue at Crufts! The amazing book is out for sale on Monday and the link to purchase is here”

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NewsAutism show – March 2022