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Bigotry Starts At Home – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

The psychology all bigotry is I believe were we need to start in one’s understanding of the bigger picture of what is going on, if we look a person’s caregiving and social environment at an early age – their core belief systems and how they have internalised information with regards to difference  and how it then perceived as a person develops.

The basics of what a caregiver supplies their children

  • Psychological support and guidance
  • Emotional awareness and extraction
  • Understanding and filtering of Interpretation of the world (people, places, ideas and concepts)
  • Belief Systems of Others
  • Belief Systems of Self

Bigotry Is Learnt Not Innate  

The reduction and dehumanisation of person based on negative association with difference can be based on habitual, psychological belief system for the caregiver themselves and or the person’s environment, this is not only projection (of a false belief) but on a unconscious level and communication that the person is running on the actions of perceived self rather than connected.

This can cause what I call a generational over-hang between each new generation in which ideas and thus actions of bigotry are understood, internalised and objectively and rationally reasoned out. It can be a slow process but if the person is willing to self-reflect on their own artificial bias’ this can hopefully break the cycle.

The Origin Is The Key 

When a human being is born we are thrust into a world of  pre-existing and overwhelming ideas that are sadly ego driven, however a baby nervous system is “naked” to this specific type of filtering and understanding. It is from this that human beings whom at upon “othering” as a normal are learnt and taught these behaviours through their psycho-social environment. 


By recognising this simple but profound fact that no one is born is born with an idea of hate or division is the way in which we further look upon the human race as collection of people that is non-hierarchal an if judgements are to be made it must be in rational, objective and balanced way.

Be the change you want to see.

Paul Isaacs 2021

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Culture CampaignBigotry Starts At Home – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs