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Bringing The Body to Stillness

Gentle Massage for Overwhelm, Meltdowns and Mental Health.
Being Present.


An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Hello everyone,

Spring has arrived in the UK and the sunshine always fills us with such hope.

Sadly, the world remains a busier and more free based place at the moment and got most of us we carry enormous worries, strains, and mental health challenges. It has been a tough old couple of years.

If you are neurodivergent this can be doubly harder to navigate.

So how can we help ourselves and each other?

This week I have shared on my YouTube video how to gently massage your “still points” or “marma points.” You can use these even if you are not a trained massage therapist and you can also self-administer them which is incredibly empowering and leads to self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-management.

Always massage with the pads of your fingers, never your fingernails and all you need to do is gently rotate your fingers. It does not matter in which direction.

If you would like to use any oils, Ho Wood is a great mental and mental balancer and rosewood is like the most gorgeous warming cuddle in a bottle – really effective for any form of trauma.

Anyone in any circumstance or situation can use this touch. It is inclusive of everyone.

The more you use it, the deeper the long-term effects.

Sometimes we just need to take that step away from the world and bring ourselves to the NOW and to stillness, being fully present with ourselves.

It will boost you for the rest of the day and help you sleep much better too!!

Take care everyone,

Giuliana xx

Bringing The Body to Stillness
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignBringing The Body to Stillness