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Chris Wild and Ben Pearson talk of their lived-in experiences about the frontline of a broken care system

Ben and Chris

Join us on 10th June at 7pm for a talk with Ben Pearson and Chris Wild about their lived in experiences of the frontline in a broken care system.

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Ben Pearson Autistic Entrepreneur

About Ben Pearson

“I will not be defined by my autism”

Ben Pearson, founder of BigClothing4U and Uptheir, is a serial entrepreneur with a difference.

Diagnosed with autism, Ben wants to use his platform to put an end to online bullying and break the stigma surrounding disabilities.
His latest venture has teamed him with Harvey Price to create an inclusive collection of clothing which aims to raise awareness of Harvey’s Law.

Chris Wild

About Chris Wild

Chris Wild is an author, care home consultant, government advisor, national youth advisor for young people and a charity patron for twenty charities. He is a passionate advocate and campaigner, appearing on the BBC and News night.

His first book, Damaged, told the story of his life and those of the other young children in care he met along the way.

You can find him on Twitter, where he would love to hear from you.

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