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BULLYING: How to take control by using our SUPERPOWERS!

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Bullying is never acceptable whether it is emotional, mental, psychological, or physical.

Feeling sad, hurt, frightened, squashed, bewildered or angry are all part of the feelings you may be experiencing if you are being bullied.

It can have a long-lasting influence well into adulthood … so let us turn that into a POSITIVE impact!!

If a child or young adult is finding it hard to talk about, you can make games using superhero yoga poses, superpower breathwork techniques and powerful touch.

We have everything we need inside of us!!

I have enclosed some ideas and photos which you can just download and print, to accompany this week’s video and you can even look on the internet for downloadable yoga and breathing exercises.

Then it is Playtime!!!!!

And often with hilarious results!!

Encourage your child to rename their favourite techniques so that they can express what they feel and what they would like to do their bullies so that they can process and manage their emotions and responses.

Even if they are angry things, that is good … it is ok to be angry – and turn it into laughter.

You will find that your young person will naturally open and begin to talk, within you even needing to probe or question. It puts them in charge which in itself is incredibly empowering and floods them with serotonin and oxytocin.

Even if they do not talk at first, or are non-verbal, the happy hormones and coping chemicals will be partying around their bodies and brains and working through those negative emotions.

It is so empowering and even laughter will immediately increase the serotonin (the neurotransmitter of SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE & HAPPINESS) by 16%!!!!

How amazing is that??!!

You might think that I am a bit of a crazy lady at times, but laughter has got me through so much in my own extraordinary life and there are some incredibly powerful, neuroscientific things happening ALL THE TIME when you “work” in this way.

I absolutely LOVE my job! ❤️?‍♂️

See you next week, take care everyone! Giuliana

Glorious Gratitude
Glorious Gratitude
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignBULLYING: How to take control by using our SUPERPOWERS! by Giuliana Wheater