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Bullying – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

This is personal perspective of how I internalised, rationalised and brought closure to the psychological and on occasion physical abuse I endured.

Inner Worlds Project Actions 

The way in which I rationalised bullying was to understand that they had challenges in their own right (anxiety, mood, attachment, info processing) that could come from their environment or otherwise.

At the very least they gave me a foundation of how not to treat others and at the very most I wish they them well in their future, connected endeavours and thank them.

Closure & Objectivity

Closure came when I humanised their actions that they themselves were and are people – this doesn’t mean that agree with bullying nor that I would be (presentence) in their company.

However having closure is coming at peace with the past understanding whom you really are a lengthy but worthy process.

Conclusion and Reflection

I do not want to be accepted by others in the most superficial and fawning senses (it repeats the cycle of victimhood/victimisation) – one must come to the reality that accepting yourself first is a worthy venture

Paul Isaacs 2021

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NewsBullying – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs