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Give Us a Break Campaign

Give Us a Break our ongoing antibullying campaign

Anna Kennedy Online, the UK Charity, is to continue raising awareness, and training on autism, to prevent bullying of children with autism in our schools and colleges with our campaign ‘Give us a Break!’ Too often these children are seen as the problem; as not ‘fitting in’ or ‘not settling down’. For the last few years during National Anti-Bullying Week our Give Us a Break is a national ongoing campaign that Anna Kennedy Online continue to highlight.

Bullying affects so many children and adults and the results can be damaging for them and everyone around them. If you are suffering, speak up, and if you see it, stand up to it. Please share, even if this makes a difference to one person.

Anna Kennedy Online once again call on all schools and colleges to be particularly aware of the bullying that children and individuals on the Autism spectrum experience at break times and to provide positive activities that keep them safe. For children and young people with autism, break and lunch times in schools and colleges can be particularly daunting and can put them at risk of bullying.

We want to see all schools take decisive action to create environments and cultures where all children feel safe and supported without the fear of bullying at schools, cyber bullying, and within the community. There have been some horrific cases in the media and we as a Charity continue to campaign to raise awareness with this growing concern exacerbated further by mate crime, cyber bullying, which has led to some tragic outcomes.

If you would like to spread the word of our Give Us A Break campaign please see below our campaign posters and it would be great if you could click on one of the images and download the poster and help us spread the message to support as many people as we can. We would love for you to show your support to Anna Kennedy Online, please share and let us make a change – together we are stronger!

You can so this by taking a photo or video of yourself and others by holding up one of the posters below either printed or show on your devices, then tag us in on social media using the links below.

Give Us A Break Campaign Light Poster
Give us a break 2022
Give Us A Break Campaign Dark Poster
Give us a break 2022

Please see below the latest news about the Give Us A Break campaign

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