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Carers Week 2021

There are 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK that should be visible and valued. We at AKO feel that carers are the backbone of our society and should be acknowledged and supported. Carers constantly have at the back of their minds of who will look after our children and adults when we are no longer around. A petition was created and we would really appreciate your support by signing this. Click here to add your signature and please do continue to share this.

Carers Week 2021: Kellie Barker founder of born anxious, parent carer shares thoughts for carers week

When Oscar was diagnosed with complex Autism in 2015, I was still working in Fostering and had been for 16 years, matching children with complex needs in families and making sure needs could be met, monitoring closely should any gaps arise how we would support those placements in a team made up of professionals.

We all contributed to decisions towards the best outcomes, you get one childhood and it’s important that you’re needs are met so you have the opportunity to  thrive and get a good start into adulthood , something I’m now learning that I now fight for my own child even though he isn’t in the care system. It is a whole completely new way of parenting, advocacy for disabled children, fighting for the things he is entitled too , most parents navigate their own way through with multiple barriers , relying on fellow carers to guide them .

Founder of born anxious , parent carer shares thought for carers week

All of a sudden, my life was not the same I was now the one seeking support and help for a job I had been given overnight, I certainly was not qualified for, with no on the job training, no supports just me my child and lots of information to read!

And like a duck to water I very quickly gained my voice as an advocate for my child, quit my much-loved job and started to put into practice the skills I had gained for multi professional working and networking, this time I was unable to measure the results as easily no consultations, no spreadsheets, hands on full time, no sleep, overwhelmed but navigating through.

That’s why I feel the title carer is such a powerful word especially for unpaid parent carers, it means numerous things, PA, expert on whatever health condition your children may have, educator, advocate, voice, therapist, dietician, many many other things we all do as carers. Then on top of that there’s parent, we have to be the parent too and leave our hearts at the door for difficult meetings and assessments, digest bad news and problems and barriers like it’s just a job even if our hearts are breaking.

And that is why I think parent carers are the most beautiful beings on this earth because I look at you, you look at me I do not need to tell you already know I am broken, there is an unspoken bond we share the same worries, fears, battles, and we all carry each other.

It is carers week this week and if you are a carer in any capacity, I salute you, I am sure you will agree this is the most rewarding, heart-breaking, job that I never applied for that I have ever had.

Kellie Croft

To celebrate carers week born anxious are extending the code COLLAB25 for all carers and friends of AKO, we are all one big family and i myself feel very honour to be part of such an amazing charity and have so many parent carer role models, to validate my role, to inspire me to be better, and to most of all support me and teach me to never give up.

Click here for more information on the Born Anxious website

Anna and her team are inspirational , Anna has created something that helps so many others based on her own experiences as a carer, to improve the outcomes and lives for people living with Autism and their families.

Anna’s events are a chance to celebrate skills and talents also the charity is  a place to seek support and information and training , I feel so very lucky to be part of it but also to support this charity through born anxious and we donate £1 from every single sale to the charity .

Kellie Croft

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NewsCarers Week 2021: founder of born anxious, parent carer shares thoughts for carers week