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CarGoSeat is the revolutionary new way for families to travel safely and easily.

The booster seat fits effortlessly into any car and transforms into a lightweight and easy to clean wheel-able case, allowing children, including those with special educational or developmental and behavioural needs, to feel safe and in control.

The CarGoSeat was designed in conjunction with the expert guidance of Dr. Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of Anna Kennedy Online, a UK charity working to raise autism awareness.

April is National Autism Awareness Month – travelling with children with special educational needs can seem daunting and stressful, so we’ve put together our top tips to help your child feel calm and secure, and make your family travels go smoothly.

Talk to your child about the forthcoming journey – where you are going, how long it will take, when you will stop for breaks.

If you’re going on holiday, you could spend time looking at photos of your destination.

Many SEND children feel reassured and respond better to unknown journeys when they feel prepared and understand what is happening and where they are going.

With oodles of space (a generous 10L), children can pack in their must-have travel activities to keep them occupied, and there’s even space for those all-important hand wipes and sanitiser gels, keeping germs at bay.

Your child will be comforted knowing their favourite toys and possessions are safe in their CarGoSeat whilst travelling and in easy reach when you stop for a break.

CarGoSeat has no metal parts, and the clasp is easy for little fingers to open.

And more snacks!

Stock up on more than you think you might need of your child’s favourite snacks, so your child doesn’t get hungry (and hangry!).

It’s always best to be prepared in case you are delayed and your journey takes longer than planned which can cause anxiety levels to rise.

Giving your child their favourite snacks can help alleviate their stress.

As well as in the car, when you’re away, use CarGoSeat as a booster seat option in other people’s houses, at restaurants and events, providing your little one with a physical boost as well as reassurance and comfort in unfamiliar environments.

This can be really helpful if your child doesn’t like sitting in other people’s seats and feels secure knowing their favourite possessions are to hand.

Plan breaks
Reduce stress levels from being cooped up in the car by planning a few breaks on the journey and share these with your child so they feel involved.

From a safety point of view, in terms of driving, it is advisable to stop for fifteen minutes every two hours, but the whole family will appreciate the chance to get out and move.

Weather permitting, you could have lunch at a picnic spot – the CarGoSeat makes a great outdoor booster seat.

Even just stopping at a service station to visit the loos and top up your water bottles is an opportunity to stretch everyone’s legs and enjoy some fresh air.

Favourite music
Plan a family soundtrack to help pass time and make the journey go more quickly.

Your child can help choose their favourite tunes, you could make a medley mixture of nursery rhymes, singalong songs and even audio book stories, while classical music can help create a calming environment.

Music is recognised in autism therapy as beneficial to help encourage communication and engagement as well as helping reduce stress levels.

In conjunction with Dr Anna Kennedy OBE to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we are delighted that the Ultimate booster is available now with 10% off the RRP of £49.99. Use the code CarGoSeat10-AKO at checkout on the website.

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