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Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday!

Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday!

Autism’s Got Talent celebrated their 10-year birthday and the show once again was a smash hit!!

Since 2012 Anna Kennedy OBE the founder of the show shared:

“Our legendary show Autism’s Got Talent showcased amazingly talented performances by autistic adults and children from across the UK and the US. All the performers fly the flag for autism and show what people with autism CAN do and then some. 

We aim as a charity to continue to build Autism’s Got Talent year by year and we want all those involved to have fun, do what they love, make friends and be themselves, and have one night which is all about them.”

Autism’s Got Talent provides a platform and great opportunity to replace negative aspects with hope, fun, laughter, and inclusion. This showcase is unique to any other projects across the world. This show brings the performers their families and the audience feel a rare emotion of hope and belonging and part of a unique network and understanding that anything is possible.

Every year promises a showcase of a huge variety of performers and this year showed exactly that. Amazing vocalists, drummers, dancers, poets and so much more.”.

Anna and Lisa

About Autism’s Got Talent

Throughout the last ten years all the talented entries are totally mind-blowing and Anna Kennedy Online have included acts from overseas Sweden, Croatia, US, Canada, Italy, India, France and across the UK.

With more than 500,000 people diagnosed with autism in the UK it is easy to simply label these people.

The fact is that autism is an often-misunderstood condition and while it can be difficult for those diagnosed on the autism spectrum to express themselves, they are often highly intelligent and able people who can achieve extraordinary things, but often navigating the journey in their own way.

Recognising the uniqueness of those autistic individuals Anna Kennedy OBE who has two sons on the autism spectrum, has worked tirelessly with her team of volunteers to find ways of recognising their ability and creating platforms for them to excel.

Anna Kennedy shared:

This was a great opportunity at the weekend for sixteen autistic individuals who stepped up on stage and really showed the audience what they can do. Wonderfully talented singers Jessi Kay, Joseph Pass, Holly Allison, Samuel Turner, T’mya Fyffe , Sky Boswell, Louisa Futcher, Ben Maille and Kieron Lee.

An amazing talented drummer Joshua Scott -Crowley, Electric guitarist Daniel Carson and Tom Wakely, a band from Essex Caged Arts, an expressive and passionate Dancer Aston Avery, Powerful Poet James Scullion, and a talented mimic all the way from the US Scott Edgar.

So often society views these people as difficult and uncommunicative, but this event once again totally blew that out of the water with the support of Pineapple Performing Arts, my wonderful team of volunteers, Philip Barnett as the MC with the support of celebrity guests Robin Windsor, Steven Smith, Danielle Mason, Phillip Baldwin, and John Galea.

This whole show is a concept based solely on inclusion and there needs to be more events like this, which is why Autism’s got Talent is a roadshow and has travelled to St Ives, Essex, Northeast, Liverpool and next year to Cheshire.

Announcing the Autism Hero finalists 2021!!!

Announcing the Autism Hero finalists 2021!!!

Anna Kennedy Online Charity and our judging panel are proud to announce the finalists for the Autism Hero Awards 2021, congratulations!

Our judges had a really tough time selecting the finalists as so many people give so much time to help the lives of others. It was hard to choose finalists because they are all so deserving.

The Autism Community therefore has so much to give to society of large and they are all winners!

The celebration will be taking place at the prestigious Chelsea Harbour Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XG. Please click here for details. The evening will commence at 6pm with a red-carpet welcome drink on arrival, a delicious three-course meal, DJ, entertainment. Carriages at 12.30. Click here to buy your tickets!

All proceeds for the evening will be donated to the Anna Kennedy Online charity to continue its dynamic work in raising Autism awareness within society.

Announcing the Autism Hero finalists 2021!!!

Online Social Award

Molly Brooks

Debbie Marshall

The Kent Autistic Trust

Support group Award

Jane Green

Chrissa Wadlow

Debbie Marshall

Sibling of the Year Award

Lucy Gates

Melanie Beckley

Emily Maxfield

People’s Autism Hero Award

Julia Hooper

Jane Green

T’mya Fyffe

Young Person of the Year Award

Maryam Ahmed

Bobby Trundley

Alfie Bowen

Lifetime Award

Debbie Marshall

Dr Abdallah

Natasha Britton

Outstanding community Award

Debbie Marshall

Julia Hopper

Sutton EHCP Crisis Campaign Group

Creative Arts and Media Award

Kyriacos Kalafatis

Alisar Taylor

Sam Grierson

Parent / Carer Award

Lisa Jones

Debbie Abelo

Imogen Robson-Hemmings

Personal Achievement Award

Molly Brooks

Kate Donnelly

Grace Parr

Outstanding Education Award

Somerset School

Adele Devine

James Matthew Flannagan

Leading Business Award

Teach Rex

Declan O’Malley Busy Blanket

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Autism’s Got Talent 10th Birthday – by Giuliana Wheater

Autism’s Got Talent 10th Birthday – by Giuliana Wheater

 Autism’s Got Talent 10th Birthday – by Giuliana Wheater​


What a night!!!!

Some absolute stars in the making. If you missed the Autism’s Got Talent roadshow at St Ives, please go to the next one at The Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars, London on 16th October. See My YouTube Video Below Where I Talk About It:

Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2021!!

Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2021!!

Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2021!!

We are still buzzing from Saturday night’s wonderful show. Our performers gave it their all on stage and showing everyone what you CAN do and so well. Our amazing supporter Philip Barnett whom we all love and would like to thank personally for allowing us to use their wonderful theatre in St Ives and to all his amazing students for their wonderful performance and show of support.

It has been a tough couple of years for the charity and our families because of lockdown however, this was the first show we did in two years, and we did what we do best and celebrated the wonderful talent of the autism community on stage and the audience appreciated and were in awe at every performance. We have really missed seeing old and meeting new performers.

The best feeling our charity experience is standing at the side of the stage watching our performers nervously waiting then give the performance of their lives and come off stage beaming and proud of themselves. Kids and adults that are buzzing, and an audience feeling it with them. But they all have a story, they’ve all been prejudiced against or misunderstood.

When our performers come into rehearsals in the morning all quite shy and not sure what to expect. They leave making friends, becoming part of the AKO family, and appreciated for their worth. The audience leave with a better understanding and realise that someone’s disability is all too often an ability.

One of our performers Kieron Lee shared:

“An absolute showstopper, simply the greatest show on earth. I have been a part of Anna Kennedy Online for the best part of six years, and each time I get the opportunity to perform I have grown. I have so many difficulties that at times I have a strong feeling of doubt in myself, and every single day is a roller coaster full of different emotions (without fail), I can be sarcastic, but be so oblivious when it’s towards me, constantly restless and mind ticking!

I feel so connected with everyone that is part of this amazing project that tries to aid as much awareness for autism as possible, working constantly around the clock! For anyone that is doubting themselves, please don’t, having everyday difficulties really does push you back – but shows like this, really do make a difference for those present and future performers. I encourage you all. Last night the talent was seriously unreal, these kids are beyond their years!

For anyone that’s seen some coverage of last night show, I really encourage you to check out Anna Kennedy Online and see one of their shows, it really is an astonishing and unforgettable night.”

Dawn Avery our Charity Champion shared about her son Aston, our Charity Ambassador:

“Last night some of the amazing people that have also been on a similar path took to the stage some are only just beginning.

I felt different after all the uncertainty of the last couple of years . I missed the ones I knew should be there and I felt emotion for the ones who had only just arrived. I cannot express the emotions of every act … every performer giving their best to show their overcoming adversity. I looked in the audience at the pride.

The family’s acknowledgement of their own journey reaching something.

I looked at our fellow volunteers at Phil and at Anna … my eyes welled at I see Aston remove that jacket and tell us all his proud. It wasn’t just for him last night it was for everyone.

Today is a reflection and to each and every performer past and present to their families to the volunteers … autism really does make us proud …”

Please watch the highlights below:

Autism's Got Talent - 10 Year Anniversary Show

Autisms Got Talent 10-year anniversary show

Now we celebrate our Autisms Got Talent 10-year anniversary show will be taking place on Saturday 16th October at The Mermaid Theatre in London. Tickets available to book online Click here to book your tickets.

We are giving 5 pairs of tickets away for our 10th year AGT Birthday on October 16th at Mermaid Theatre Blackfriars!

Please email if you would like a free pair of tickets to celebrate this wonderful unmissable event!

FREE upcoming workshop: Autism and Information Processing – by Paul Isaacs

FREE upcoming workshop: Autism and Information Processing – by Paul Isaacs

FREE upcoming workshop:
Autism and Information Processing – by Paul Isaacs

Autism & Information processing

Autism and Information Processing workshop

Join our Ambassador Paul Isaacs, Autism Advocate, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant on :

Thursday 8th July starting at 11am – for a FREE Autism and Information Processing workshop

Click here to register in advance for this meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



Announcing our performers for Autism’s Got Talent St. Ives roadshow!

Announcing our performers for Autism’s Got Talent St. Ives roadshow!

Drum Roll ..……the wait is finally over!

Announcing our performers for Autism’s Got Talent St. Ives Roadshow 2021!!

Kidz R Us

Aston Avery

Jessi Kay

Sky Boswell

Lauren Lovejoy

Kieron Lee

Jono Blythe

Studio 4 Dance 

Autism’s Got Talent St. Ives

The AGT Roadshow will be taking place on Saturday 2nd October at:

St Ives Theatre
Lower Stennack,
St Ives,
TR26 1QG

Tickets will be on sale soon – keep checking back for more details!