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A Champion’s review of a Champion’s book

A Champion’s review of a Champion’s book

“From A Tear to Here by Dawn Avery” a book review

A Champion’s review of a Champion’s book – by Beverly Ann Guest


As a Charity Champion for Anna Kennedy Online I first met the Avery’s at Autism’s Got Talent (AGT) at The Mermaid Theatre in London.  I attend this show every year, it moves me every time, and to me it’s ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’!

The year I met the Avery’s I had just organised a loan car from my workplace for the Charity’s’ upcoming AGT roadshow; which was a spin-off from this London event it was so popular!

Dawns youngest son Aston had been on stage in London receiving a standing ovation, he performed brilliantly and everyone loved him – I remember being outside the theatre afterwards with my Mother-in-Law Chris where we saw Aston and family – we were super excited to see him and let the Avery’s know how much we’d enjoyed his performance as we passed by.  We admitted to being a bit star struck having just seen him perform live on stage!

Dawn had mentioned early on to us that she was writing a book about their families journey, so having read Annas amazing book ‘Not Stupid’ I knew I’d want to buy it. I LOVE a good book, and when it’s about something your family relates to, it makes it all the more important.  I especially love seeing Dawns Aston perform song ‘Budapest’ and always call him my ‘Budapest Buddy’!

I loved seeing Aston each year, he was thriving more each time – and I also enjoyed supporting families on the day of AGT too as Dawn mentions in her book. I have too many memorable families to mention, you become instantly so proud of them – all of them have their own ‘pocket of greatness’ as I say, and all outstanding!

A Champions review of a Champions Book!

What a great book this is!  From start to finish, anyone in or involved with an autism family will feel a connection to the Avery’s journey in this lovely book.

Indeed I felt many similarities in some parts, and it was nice to actually read something that talked about some of the stuff we too went through, just like Annas book did.

If you hadn’t already known the Avery’s, when you read this book, it has a sense of holding you in such a way that you’d feel like you knew them.

The books covers are striking, standing out in an eye catching design, and when you delve in, it’s a truly lovely read, has a great writing style, and will have you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

It’s written in such a way that the reader will feel a personal connection, and gain an understanding of an autism families journey.

Dawn writes lovingly so about her boys, husband and family, and quite rightly so.  Aston not only has autism, he has other health conditions which added to their journey and quest to do whatever it takes to help and support him.

In fact it’s common for those with autism to have other and overlapping conditions, as does my son Christopher. 

Dawn has written about their journey in such a way as to show that Aston is who he is WITH various conditions, and NOT in-spite of them.  And that’s right don’t you think?!

She has been true to herself and thanked all the professionals and family, and it is clear, you can feel the warmth and love oozing from each page of the book.  An added bonus are the pages nestled in the centre with a selection of fabulous photos of Aston and family; just a snippet of his journey .. (and trust me at every event I always manage to sneak a selfie with Aston, I think he’s used to me doing that now and have a few photos .. I’m such a big fan!).

As an autism parent, it’s nice to read something you can truly relate to, where the words resonate with you.

I found myself thinking back to our own journey, as Dawns book brought back some memories for me that’s for sure.  I loved this book, it was so honest and transparent, such a clear read and would be great for anyone new to autism to get their teeth into. A must on the book list for those just starting their journey.

In fact whether you are just at the start of your journey, or .. already on the your own path, you will find something to hold dear from this book, something of true meaning to you.

Do give it a read, you can get hold of your copy of Dawns book via our Charity website link below, where you can also read about Aston, Dr Anna Kennedy OBE, all the other Ambassadors, Patrons and of course us Charity Champions!  Don’t forget you can sign up there to our Newsletter to hear about all things autism for our Charity with upcoming events, workshops and more!  Click here to purchase your copy!

New Book Launch – called From a tear to here!

New Book Launch – called From a tear to here!

New Book Launch – called From a tear to here! 

We are so excited to launch this spectacular book written by Dawn Avery, one of our charity champions

Dawn Avery shared:

Aston Avery has achieved so much in his young life.  More recently Creating Team Avery Essex.  He has fundraised for various charities over the years, raising to date a net £80000.00.  He and our family support National charity Anna Kennedy Online.  With help of a small group, he runs Astons pamper project for local heroes.  He has given so much back to our community in raising autism awareness.  I started to document his story many years back and could see for herself it was to unfold into a story of hope and achievements.

A negative to a positive.  A story of overcoming so much to be the man he is today.  I was passionate about people sharing our journey.   We have been helping many local families to date, listening to their struggles, and creating inclusive events, as well as taking a short film into local schools and groups.  We recognised a need, for people to see a person that had already experienced what they were currently living through.  Understanding their fears.  Thus, the book evolved.

This book tells the story of our family’s pathway, living with autism and ill health.  It documents how it affects each of us, not just Aston.  It gives an insight into a journey that many would not understand.  I was so lucky to have the help Of Michael Barnard- Editor and The Michel Barnard charitable trust- the sponsor.  With additional help from Designer Tally Nothey and Aston himself creating doodles for each chapter the book and my dream will become a reality.

About Aston  

Born in Basildon in 1991 Aston-Martin Avery was certainly different, not less, but different.  At the age of two and a half, Aston was diagnosed with Autism. In those days, little was known about the condition.  Unable to speak until the age of 6, and virtually out of control, the book plots the remarkable and miraculous journey of Aston.  From his difficulties and health issues to a confident, well-spoken voluntary radio DJ.

Now an ambassador to the Anna Kennedy Online charity and a provider himself of help to many deserving causes.  As a family the journey was a contrast of despairs and jubilations. At the start of the journey, Aston was an extremely difficult child, requiring lots of professional intervention.

He would bang his head continuously, eat inedible objects and generally tantrum at every opportunity. He was a constant worry to us all and would run away the moment our backs were turned. The task of looking after Aston was made even more difficult as we had to hold down jobs and care for our son Aaron, although to his credit, he was highly supportive.  Autism takes on many different forms and within this book, you will discover many of the traits of autism ranging from the need for routine, to the absence of emotions, and the acceptance by autistic people that everything they are told is true. Innocence is evident in all Aston does to this day.

I hope you enjoy our journey, and that it gives you an insight into living with an autistic person. For those who have an autistic child or who are coming into contact with an autistic child, I hope the book helps you to understand their problems and needs, thereby helping to give you some guidance on how to cope with those problems.  It also documents the influence of others including the professionals.

About Dawn Avery

Dawn Avery is the part of the first charity champion couples and covers the Essex region. Dawn first become involved with Anna Kennedy Online in May 2015 when her son Aston took part in Autism’s Got Talent.

Dawn said “It was a time I would not change for anyone as he really embraced his Autism from the very moment we become involved. We were made to feel a welcome part of the team. We have held a number of Autistic & proud events for the charity including supporting the Essex, The AKO Celebrity football match and the AGT roadshow in Essex. We continue to come up with various ventures to support this amazing charity”

Keith is the other part of the Essex charity champion couple. Keith said “We had always fundraised for various charities but this one deserved us to go that extra mile. We are always looking for other ideas to raise funds but more importantly autism awareness in the Essex area”

Keith and Dawn’s son Aston was offered to be an Ambassador for Anna Kennedy online, his Autistic & Proud fundraisers were then made for the charity.

Purchase your copy!

From a tear to here – an Autism families journey

From A tear to Here-Autism a families journey

This book tells the story of Dawn Avery’s, our Charity Champion and her family’s pathway, living with autism and ill health.  It documents how it affected each of her family and not just her son Aston.  It gives an insight into a journey that many would not understand.

Dawn was so lucky to have the help Of Michael Barnard- Editor and The Michel Barnard charitable trust- the sponsor.

All proceeds will go to Anna Kennedy Online!


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Born Anxious collaborate with our Ambassador Thomas Henley on an inspiring range of clothing

Born Anxious collaborate with our Ambassador Thomas Henley on an inspiring range of clothing

Born Anxious collaborate with our Ambassador Thomas Henley on an inspiring range of clothing

Our Ambassador Thomas Henley is a 24-year-old Biomedical Sciences honours graduate from the University of Manchester, an autistic Commonwealth Gold Medallist in Taekwondo, and a self-taught online content creator on YouTube and Spotify. In the past 4 years he has been travelling all around the UK to deliver presentations in SEN schools, appear on Radio shows like BBC Radio Manchester and work with important people within the special needs sector – such as Anna Kennedy OBE. We are so proud that Thomas is our Ambassador.

Our Collaboration

To achieve what Thomas has been able to achieve you need to have determination, resilience, self-belief and a will to change the world for the better; the messages he’s chosen for the designs certainly endorse this. To pay tribute to his values and dedication to sport and exercise, there are many messages such as Differbility Not Disability, Game Changer and Neurodiverse Squad – all available in gym tees, bags, hoodies and t-shirts.

Click here to take a look at the full collection and embrace your own strengths in any endeavour you set your eyes on and let’s change perceptions together!

His YouTube channel ‘Aspergers Growth’ has over a total of 200,000 video views. The more recently created ‘Thoughty Auti Podcast’ has a total of 10,000 hits on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, hosting many high-profile and interesting guests from around the globe:-

Raising Autism Awareness – CarGoSeat collaborates with Dr Anna Kennedy OBE

Raising Autism Awareness – CarGoSeat collaborates with Dr Anna Kennedy OBE

CarGoSeat is the revolutionary new way for families to travel safely and easily.

The booster seat fits effortlessly into any car and transforms into a lightweight and easy to clean wheel-able case, allowing children, including those with special educational or developmental and behavioural needs, to feel safe and in control.

The CarGoSeat was designed in conjunction with the expert guidance of Dr. Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of Anna Kennedy Online, a UK charity working to raise autism awareness.

April is National Autism Awareness Month – travelling with children with special educational needs can seem daunting and stressful, so we’ve put together our top tips to help your child feel calm and secure, and make your family travels go smoothly.

Talk to your child about the forthcoming journey – where you are going, how long it will take, when you will stop for breaks.

If you’re going on holiday, you could spend time looking at photos of your destination.

Many SEND children feel reassured and respond better to unknown journeys when they feel prepared and understand what is happening and where they are going.

With oodles of space (a generous 10L), children can pack in their must-have travel activities to keep them occupied, and there’s even space for those all-important hand wipes and sanitiser gels, keeping germs at bay.

Your child will be comforted knowing their favourite toys and possessions are safe in their CarGoSeat whilst travelling and in easy reach when you stop for a break.

CarGoSeat has no metal parts, and the clasp is easy for little fingers to open.

And more snacks!

Stock up on more than you think you might need of your child’s favourite snacks, so your child doesn’t get hungry (and hangry!).

It’s always best to be prepared in case you are delayed and your journey takes longer than planned which can cause anxiety levels to rise.

Giving your child their favourite snacks can help alleviate their stress.

As well as in the car, when you’re away, use CarGoSeat as a booster seat option in other people’s houses, at restaurants and events, providing your little one with a physical boost as well as reassurance and comfort in unfamiliar environments.

This can be really helpful if your child doesn’t like sitting in other people’s seats and feels secure knowing their favourite possessions are to hand.

Plan breaks
Reduce stress levels from being cooped up in the car by planning a few breaks on the journey and share these with your child so they feel involved.

From a safety point of view, in terms of driving, it is advisable to stop for fifteen minutes every two hours, but the whole family will appreciate the chance to get out and move.

Weather permitting, you could have lunch at a picnic spot – the CarGoSeat makes a great outdoor booster seat.

Even just stopping at a service station to visit the loos and top up your water bottles is an opportunity to stretch everyone’s legs and enjoy some fresh air.

Favourite music
Plan a family soundtrack to help pass time and make the journey go more quickly.

Your child can help choose their favourite tunes, you could make a medley mixture of nursery rhymes, singalong songs and even audio book stories, while classical music can help create a calming environment.

Music is recognised in autism therapy as beneficial to help encourage communication and engagement as well as helping reduce stress levels.

In conjunction with Dr Anna Kennedy OBE to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we are delighted that the Ultimate booster is available now with 10% off the RRP of £49.99. Use the code CarGoSeat10-AKO at checkout on the website.