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Exciting news – our new  partnership with sleep aid brand Fidgetbum

Exciting news – our new partnership with sleep aid brand Fidgetbum

Innovative sleep aid brand Fidgetbum is delighted to announce a partnership with Anna Kennedy OBE, in aid of her charity Anna Kennedy Online, which raises awareness of Autism. Every Fidgetbum order quoting the special code AK018 will receive a £5 discount and £5 will also be donated directly to Anna’s charity. Sleep issues often go hand in hand with Autism spectrum diagnosis and so the partnership is a natural fit. The Fidgetbum product has helped a great many families in this situation, earning rave reviews from Autism parents across the UK, and founder Mel Wood is keen to support the work that AKO does in raising awareness of the associated conditions and breaking down the stigmas attached to the Autism diagnosis.

Anna Kennedy Online is a small charity, with a big heart, that raises Autism Awareness like no other mainstream charity. A cause close to Anna’s heart, as she herself has two sons with a diagnosis of an Autism spectrum condition, she founded the charity in 2009 with an aim of raising awareness and breaking down misconceptions. By sharing information directly with communities, schools and workplaces, the charity works to educate and engender a wider understanding of associated behaviour difficulties and various overlapping conditions such as Dyslexia and Obsessional Compulsive Disorder. Offering this insight into the Autistic world breaks down barriers and offers support to families affected by the condition, as well as helping to find employment opportunities, by creating a greater understanding amongst employers that, despite their differences, individuals with Autism are often of great value to the workplace, bringing with them enormous skills, intelligence and the ability to master many complex tasks and projects.

Fidgetbum offers a soothing, effective sleep aid. A stretchy wrap-around device that snugly holds the covers in place, without restricting the individual in bed, it also provides the user with a sense of security that sleep experts have likened to a warm hug. Whilst it was initially invented for young children, to stop them kicking off the covers at night, founder Mel Wood has had incredible feedback from parents of older children and adults with additional sensory needs.

Sleep disturbances are often a major issue for those with Autism and this can really take its toll on their families. The response from families in this situation has been so strong and positive that she has created a double-bed version of the Fidgetbum, to cater specifically for older non-sleepers. It has been hailed by Occupational Therapists as a fantastic, safe alternative to weighted blankets.

Anna says, “Our charity’s mission is to support individuals and families affected by an Autism diagnosis. It’s a lifelong condition that, with support and the right tools to educate, needn’t hold an individual back from fulfilling their potential. I am a firm believer that everyone has intelligence and expertise to bring to the workforce, we just need to educate that workforce in the ways in which to unleash it. Society puts barriers in the way of success and it is my goal to break them down and facilitate an easier path for those who need our support. I am very pleased to be working with Mel and Fidgetbum, as I think it’s a great product and I am very happy to align my charity with a brand with the same ethos at its heart: helping others to reach their potential by providing the tools necessary. In this case, sleep. The lack of which, I am all too familiar with”.

Mel says, “We are so thrilled to be working with Anna. Through her sons, Angelo and Patrick, Anna is very aware of the impact that sleep deprivation has on Autism families and how precious it is to get some respite from that. Sleep is when the brain recharges and, without it, we struggle to reach our full potential. Once that element of your life improves, it has a cumulative knock-on effect into other aspects and can only increase an individual’s chances of success in whatever they choose to do. Anna has been a supporter of ours for a long time now and we are delighted to be working with her to support the excellent work that her charity does”.

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