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Aston and Anna Talk: All things Autism in Essex – December 2023 – Gateway 97.8

Aston and Anna Talk: All things Autism in Essex – December 2023 – Gateway 97.8

Autism show – December 2023

Autism show – December 2023


On Daytime, Aston and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE chatted All Things Autism in Essex where they mainly highlighted the most recent Autism Hero Awards that took place on 25th November at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch, London. They also spoke to a couple of recipients of the awards as well.


The first guest Aston and Anna spoke to was James Punch who was the recipient of The Lifetime Award at this years Autism Hero Awards.

The second guest Aston and Anna spoke to was Jade Cook who was the recipient of the Outstanding Community Award at this years Autism Hero Awards

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Can you believe it we are in our final month of 2023 talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ Time flies whoosh!

Aston and I talking as always at the beginning of the show about Strictly and the previous weeks eliminations and our favourite routines. Not long to go for the final and for the Christmas Strictly special whoop.

I am off to Zoes place in Coventry for my 6th year. I am judging Strictly Christmas the matinee performance with Harry Judd, Vincent Simone and Chloe Hewitt . Later that day I am judging the evening performance with my good friend Robin Windsor, Kristina Rihanoff . Just love this event!!

Aston and I spoke about his surprise Charity Supporter of the Year Award. The shock on his face was priceless on the night!

Here is the link from Aston :

Our guests today on Gateway Radio were Autism Hero Award Winners James Punch and Jade Cook.

James was the winner of The Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Lee’s and Jade Cook was the winner of The Outstanding Community Award sponsored by Born Anxious.

I will be delivering my petition to Number 10 Downing Street very soon . ‘Who will look after our loved ones when we are no longer around’  if you have not signed yet please do so I will keep you posted. Thank you.

Well I need to get on with my Christmas shopping and don’t forget on Christmas day and holidays do what works for you as a family.

There are no written rules what you should be doing. Just do what works for you as a family .If its chicken nuggets and chips for Christmas Dinner just go for it no need to stress.

Take it one day at a time .

Sending positive vibes and best wishes.

Aston and I will be on Gateway 97.8 on Christmas Day around lunch time.

Take care

Anna x”

All Things Autism in Essex will return in 2024, but Aston and Anna will be on your airwaves this Christmas Day.

The big day is almost here ….. ho ho ho

The big day is almost here ….. ho ho ho

The big day is almost here ….. ho ho ho

Sometimes people are under a lot of pressure to have the best, most magical, day at Christmas, and for a lot of different reasons, it is not always possible for us all.
I am aware that lots of families with autistic loved ones do struggle on this special day, so it is better to have the very best day that we can, under whatever our circumstances may be .
Do what works for you as a family . Having a stress free day is key!  If it’s chicken burger and chips for your festive dinner, and so be it . I cook three different meals on the day to keep everyone happy .
We don’t spend hours at the table together it just doesn’t work for us . It’s a maximum of 20 mins if we are lucky, and then everyone quickly goes off to do their own thing.
Although Christmas is a very special day for a lot of families , at the end of the day, really, it is just another day. So don’t stress or feel guilty.
Don’t pressurise your loved ones to open all their presents at once . I have to give Angelo his gifts throughout the week. It can be overwhelming for him. Some autistic children and adults don’t like surprises, so it maybe worth showing them their gifts in advance in whatever way it works for them.
Remember, there are no written rules on what you should do . It’s all about having the best day you possibly can with your loved ones.
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday , as is traditional .
I hope that each and every one of my friends and followers are with someone who is special to them and that Christmas is the best it can be 💜 🎄
Sending positive vibes and best wishes from my family .
Take it one day at a time…. some days good some days not so good.
Lots of love Anna 💜
Katie Price speaks to Anna on Womens Radio

Katie Price speaks to Anna on Womens Radio

 Katie Price speaks to Anna on Womens Radio


If you missed my interview with Katie Price chatting to me about her eldest son Harvey on Womens Radio Station, it is being repeated every day this week at 1pm and 1am. 
Harvey is one of the charities ‘Give us a Break! ‘  Antibullying Charity Ambassadors and has been for the past 4 years.
I appeared on the BBC Documentary ‘Harvey and Me ‘ giving advice to Katie about her difficult decision to support Harvey with his transition to a residential college that could meet his complex needs. 
Katie spoke to me about Harvey growing up, going through his various diagnosis, his challenges , love for trains, frogs,  his love of art and his transition to college. 
Harvey is 22 and currentmy at Star College and I asked Katie has she thought about Harvey’s future once funding for his EHCP finishes once he has reached the age of 25? 
Katie shares that Harvey has a developmental delay and significant health issues which means that Harvey requires a lot of support and hopefully will be funded in his current placement until he is 25. 
Katie also has signed Anna’s petition ‘Who will look after our loved ones when we are no longer around ‘
16300 people have signed Anna’s petition and she will be delivering the signatures to Number 10 Downing St very soon. 
You can hear Anna and Katie’s interview on
Anna talks to ‘ The Wonderbirds’ on YouTube.

Anna talks to ‘ The Wonderbirds’ on YouTube.

Anna talks to ‘ The Wonderbirds’ on YouTube. 


The Wonderbirds Show is the creation of actresses Debbie Arnold, Dee Anderson, Sherrie Hewson and Harriet Thorpe.



On the eve of lockdown these friends had a zoom call which was so hilarious they decided that they should publish it online.

They immediately contacted all of their celebrity friends to see if they would appear on their new chat show entitled Wonderbirds and the response has been overwhelming.

In just a few months the show has had over 23 million impressions on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Messages and emails have been pouring in from fans and followers with stories of how Wonderbirds have changed their lives.

Anna loved the experience and has been asked back to speak on the show next year.


Eye Yoga for Tired Eyes & Mental Health – Giuliana Wheater

Eye Yoga for Tired Eyes & Mental Health – Giuliana Wheater

Eye Yoga for Tired Eyes & Mental Health – Giuliana Wheater


If you think about it our eyes have become used to staring at lights – often bright lights – all day. And often well into the night too. From the moment we wake up we are exposed to the blue light emission from our phones, artificial lights in our schools , shops and offices, right down to the blinking of lights on the road. That’s a lot of stimulation for our eyes and can contribute significantly to overwhelm and meltdown in our neurodivergent children.


For so many of us now, vast amounts of screen time via computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other devices, takes up a huge part of our day. If your eyes feel tired of puffy, red or itchy, watery, blurred or you’re suffering with headaches or even back pain , the answer could lie with your eyes. For many of us who are sensitive to bright lights, it can really affect our day to day well-being. 


Yoga can be wonderful for helping with this ! Eye yoga not only soothes and revives tired eyes and calms the mind and brain but it also refreshes your physical and mental well-being. These exercises also improve concentration levels as well as vision. It’s inclusive for everyone regardless of physical ability too.


Here are a few simple eye yoga exercises to start with.


My personal favourite is rubbing my palms vigorously together and then cupping them warmly over my eyes. Tiredness melts away as does all the noise and overwhelm of the outside world around me.


See what you think !

You can even put these exercises into lucky dip boxes to get younger children involved


Look after yourselves and each other.


See you next week !


Lots of love,

Giuliana xx

Anna meets Dr Radica Mahase from Trinidad and Tobago

Anna meets Dr Radica Mahase from Trinidad and Tobago

Anna meets Maya and Radica in Covent Garden. 

‘Yesterday I got to meet someone whose Autism advocacy has inspired me and really helped me as an Advocate.
Dr Anna Kennedy OBE, is the founder of the Anna Kennedy Online charity which advocates for and supports Autistic persons in the UK through various programmes, workshops, training, events and so on.
Her Autism Hero Awards inspired me to start the Autism Superhero Awards in Trinidad and Tobago. I had met with her via Zoom when we launched the awards two years ago ,so it was surreal to meet her in person. Anna’s genuine interest in what we are doing in T&T and her advice is heartwarming.
Even though I have a vision and I know what I want in T&T, everyone needs a little inspiration and she is certainly my inspiration! Thank you, Anna, for making the time to meet us.
Thank you for your warmth and encouragement.
Dr Radica Magase and Maya Nanan.
Trinidad and Tobago