My Second son Christian was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old.  It was a long and lonely road as we struggled to be heard and to find services that would cater to the needs of our son.Christian is 17 years old now.  

We are now able to a point to access services as more people are becoming aware of Autism and the growing need to provide efficient and effective resources and services for those on the spectrum.

I recently started a campaign called Eat Shop Love Hillingdon where I began engaging with Anna Kennedy online.  I know of Anna’s story and really admired her tenacity and resilience in attaining the best for her sons and then to the wider community.  

I was very happy when Anna offered me the opportunity to become Charity Champion for Uxbridge, as I have always wanted to help raise awareness about autism in some way. 

I feel as a mum to my Christian, through me, he and many others on the spectrum can have a voice.  A voice that would be heard loud and strong.

News Welcome to our new Charity Champion for Uxbridge – Nikki Etienne