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Anna’s guests this week at Women’s Radio were Co-founders of Acrobat-Global who spoke on ‘All things Autism’

Anna Kennedy’s guest this week on Women’s Radio Station was Joe, Zanne and Kathryn Co-founders of Acrobat-Global. ‘All things Autism” will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day this week.  Please see

Joe, Zanne and Kathryn Co-founders of Acrobat-Global shared the following article from their radio interview:

In April 2020, Joe Butler, an education consultant with over twenty years of experience working with autistic children and young people, teamed up with published authors, trainers and English language specialists, Zanne Gaynor and Kathryn Alevizos. Their unexpected lockdown collaboration was timely as Joe now found herself supporting autistic people, and their families, schools and settings from home, and Zanne and Kathryn had had their workshops cancelled. Their book, Is that clear? Effective communication in a neurodiverse world – Autism-inspired tips for allistic (non-autistic people) was published in October 2020 by Acrobat-Global.

Prior to publication, the book was reviewed by autistic and allistic readers from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, and the autistic readers contributed their own experiences and insights. The National Autistic Society and Autism Education Trust have also endorsed the book. Speaking at the virtual book launch in November 2020, former Minister of State for Care and Support Sir Norman Lamb passionately enthused:

If we could get this to become mainstream reading within the NHS, within any public service and within employer organisations, there are so many autistic people who currently have no employment, but who could work with support and with understanding … [the book] is a massive contribution which will make a difference to people’s lives.

From her Foreword, and throughout the book, Joe stresses that every autistic person is different. The book is no substitute for getting to know the individuals in your life and finding out from, and with, them what might support and enable effective communication at different times and in different contexts. What works for one person may not work for another. The best advice is to ask (or find out) what each individual needs from you.

Joe, Zanne and Kathryn are passionate about enabling allistic people to take more responsibility for effective communication, as autistic people are already having to work incredibly hard in what can be an illogical and unaccommodating world. The layout of the book is clear, simple and accessible and each chapter offers practical advice with bulleted tips at the end for quick reference. Paperback and Kindle versions of the book are available as well as a downloadable pdf.

Joe, Zanne and Kathryn have yet to meet in person but all say their lockdown project is something positive to have come out of the challenges of the last year. The book has already proved beneficial to parents, carers, teachers, lecturers, speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, medical staff, firefighters, the police, journalists, employers and those responsible for HR, and many more, including for autistic people themselves in better articulating their needs.

Everyone will know an autistic person, making this an essential read for all.

For further information about the authors, contact Joe on Twitter @SENDsupportuk or email at, or contact Zanne or Kathryn at or on Twitter @acrobatglobal.

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NewsAnna’s guests this week at Women’s Radio were Co-founders of Acrobat-Global talk on ‘All things Autism’