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The proven research behind Colour Therapy – an article by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Colour therapy, otherwise known as chromatherapy or photo-biology has been used since ancient Chinese and Egyptian times and is in embedded our very language itself: “seeing red”, a “white mist coming down”, “feeling blue”, or being “green with envy”.

Scientists and researchers such as Robert Gerard, Dr Max Lüscher, Ingrid Collins & Professor Stephen Westland (Chair of Colour Science & Technology at the University of Leeds, to name just a few have long established that colour is light of varying wavelengths and frequencies.

Electromagnetic waves constantly surround us: colour is part of those waves. Every single one our trillions of cells needs light energy: these absorb colour which effect us mentally and emotionally as well as physically .

Every atom we possess consists of particles of energy in perpetual motion so at our basic level we are made of energy and information.

When we add a certain colour we are adding that wavelength and frequency energy into our lives which can have a proven effect on our mood, perception, outlook and our mental and physical health.

Since I was tiny I have seen the world and people in particular as colours; my autistic son Ollie does the same. So for me it was a natural step to train in this therapy and integrate it naturally into my other therapeutic training’s as it can have such a huge effect on mood, sleep, stress, aggression, illness as well as mental, emotional and physical health.

Different colours really do have a powerful impact on how we feel on all levels.

I weave colour therapy into my meditations, guided journeys, yoga and breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, positive games and sensory play with high impact and beneficial results.

I’ve included a few ideas in this article along with a video to demonstrate how you can flow colour into other therapies although it is also very valuable as a standalone therapy in its own right too.

Our world is full of colour … think why you were drawn to the clothes you’ve chosen today for instance , colours you love and those you can’t bear.

80% of communication isn’t speech … so what do your colours say about you? It’s such an interesting therapy!

Colour therapy
Colour therapy
Colour therapy
Colour therapy
News The proven research behind Colour Therapy – an article by Giuliana Wheater