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Compliments, Expectations & Being A Connected Self: an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs


Don’t expect anything because chronic expecting can lead to over attachment, over investment and a lack of clarity. If people are getting on with their lives without your presence that should be enough.

If they don’t answer it’s because of own their life, if they don’t call or reply it’s their choice and so was that to ponder on how much of our created reality of people is accurate? All these aspects should be respected.

I give compliments for example because of recognised achievement or personal progression – there is nothing in it for me (nor should there be) other than the simple idea of another’s self belief and determination.

I sense more than I dare need to interpret because that is were the answers are found not always in one’s actions but one’s energy.

If one wishes other’s to be truly be at one with themselves regardless of their situational environment that breaks all cultural divisions in the world .

To be internally connected first is the key to quality of life.

It means you show nothing more than you and that should be enough.

Paul Isaacs 2021

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NewsCompliments, Expectations & Being A Connected Self – an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs