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Danimation sponsorship – by Catherine Mcrory

My daughter Caitlin was fortunate to receive sponsorship from Anna Kennedy to attend this year’s Danimation course at Brunel university.  At the presentation ceremony on Friday, Caitlin and I met Anna, and she asked me to write a short note about her experiences over the week.

The animation week was a really positive experience for Caitlin. She has struggled at school in recent years and was diagnosed autistic and with anxiety in April, towards the end of her first year in mainstream secondary school.

Caitlin’s passion is drawing on her iPad and this course looked perfect for her, but we were unsure of the commitment, as so often her anxiety prevents her from taking part.

Danimation sponsorship – by Catherine Mcrory

Anna’s scholarship gave Caitlin an opportunity that she wouldn’t otherwise have had, and she embraced it wholeheartedly.

Caitlin was keen and excited to start; the early mornings and 60-mile journey did not put her off. She felt comfortable with Dani and the rest of the team from the first moment arriving and there was no question of her not wanting to go back each day.

Working with other autistic youngsters and being supported by understanding and inclusive adults, let Caitlin feel at ease to be herself.

She learnt amazing animation skills and produced a fantastic final piece to be proud of. This experience gave us the chance to see Caitlin shine in the correct environment, which we hope will be replicated in her next school.

Caitlin is already asking to go again next year!!

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NewsDanimation sponsorship – by Catherine Mcrory