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Delicious Dopamine: The superpower hormone


The neurotransmitter Dopamine is my absolute favourite!


It is the superpower that brings you pleasure, reward, focus, concentration, motivation, attention & drive. It gives you that feeling of get up and go, being on top of the world and able to cope with anything.


Children with ADHD, ADD, PDA, EFD, and for some people on the autism spectrum, their brains do not produce enough dopamine. Hence they are not wilful or naughty – these are not “conduct disorders “ as the government still call them. It is the way their brains are simply differently wired.


Those with anxiety, depression, any sort of mental health illness or challenge will also very often be deficient in dopamine.


Those with disabilities or different abilities are 2-6x more likely to pick up additional mental health issues … and those were the statistics before Covid.


This week I am sharing some yoga poses to naturally stimulate your dopamine. I’ve also included a little massage and acupressure for those of you who do like touch.


These techniques are so easily accessible &! are inclusive of everyone regardless of situation, budget, disability, different ability – and for those of you who are neurotypical too.


So have fun with these and let’s begin to take charge of our own mental health during these fearful and uncertain times.


Let’s give everything that’s happening out there a good kick and fill ourselves with this superpower!!


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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignDelicious Dopamine: The superpower hormone – Giuliana Wheater