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An interesting, if limited, study has been published by the government. entitled “Mental health and wellbeing provision in schools, Review of published policies and information”. Researcher, Rebecca Brown looked at the websites of 100 schools, both primary and secondary, from across different areas in the country to see how their published policies stacked up against requirements.

I say limited because 100 schools out of the many thousands that exist is by its very nature, limited and, as Rebecca points out, she was not asked to make contact with the schools themselves, so actual practice may differ from what is published on their websites.

Therefore the policies on their websites may only be a reflection of how web savvy they are – but I think it’s still a very interesting exercise. The study was commissioned by the Department for Education to see just what a selection of schools do have on their websites relating to their statutory duties, in order to help find out what support schools may need to do meet them. In particular, it looked at how well their information showed a ‘Whole School Approach’, reflecting an inclusive school environment. 

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Legal News Does your school’s website break the law? – Special Needs Jungle