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Emma Ahwai was born in August 1989, into a majorly musical family, and is very proud of her unique mixed heritage.She was diagnosed with Autism and Selective Mutism at the age of 24, which to her was a huge relief, but consequently meant that she did not receive the help and support she needed during her younger years.

As a result of this Emma focussed her attention on her passion for music, going on to graduate from The Academy of Contemporary Music in 2009. Unbelievably Emma is less nervous about performing on stage than she is talking in social situations.


The difficulties Emma has experienced enable her to bring a certain depth of emotion to her performances, and she hopes to use her talent to become an advocate for ASD and SM fighters.

Emma will be one of Anna Kennedy’s guests on Sky TV’s Chrissy B Show on March 26th to kick off Autism Awareness Week.

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