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Ethan Khumzy: Melanin Part 2

One of our Autism’s got Talent Performers and Pineapple Performing Arts Charity Scholarship winners Ethan Khumzy shared:

‘This piece of rap I’ve written is called ‘Melanin – this is Part 2’.

Many more years, we’re still screaming out their names, instead we’re still not finding change, if you was in our position, you’d be feeling our pain, you’re either Locked in the cage or you’d get called names,

You tend to look at us like we’re moving the same, thinking we’re some thugs, just because of our race, violations to my race is what I cannot take, every day, every night, we never get a break,

My colour of my skin is not a weapon in your eyes, just cause you see how my people are like, it’s the way that they see us, there’s no way out of this, on top of that, there’s no point even doubting it,

The hate they give, is the hate they’ve been kept with, that’s why we’re not resting, we’ll keep spreading out the message, we want Justice and also acceptance,

I’m a young black king, not a person that is hard work, you tend to hate when we’re putting in the hard work, all of us screaming out we just want acceptance, karma will be served to you, that’ll be your lesson, Black lives matter, we’re never treated equally, judging us harshly, because of our scenery, because of what we do, we’re locked up easily, if you’re a racist then please don’t speak to me,

I don’t wanna get stopped, I don’t wanna get locked, does this look like that I came from the block? No way, no time to be beefing opps, cos I’m not that guy that you see, end of, RIP to the ones of the lives that are lost, everyday I had conversations with God, Ive asking the man, when can it all stop, he replied I don’t know I guess it will not,

I can’t breathe were the words that George said, these words never got up to your head, to even acknowledge how you’re treating my people, don’t ever try calling my people evil, really you’re the ones acting evil towards us, we’ll, the karma will be sent back towards you, I got my brothers like I’m working for Warner, all racists should be pushed back like Walker,

See no evil, hear no evil, but they wanna speak the evil to my people, every year, every day, we face segregation, how the media portrays us, I strongly hate it, I’m looked at as a villain, but you’re looked like as a villain too, people, we bleed the same, that’s the living proof, how were living everyday, we found it the hardest, if you don’t sympathise with us, then you’re heartless.

Ethan Khumalo

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